In Japan they already have a PS5 lighter than the rest of the world

New PS5 lighter digital edition

PS5 ventilation

The new version, which responds to the name of CFI-1100BIt is aesthetically identical to the digital PS5 that we can currently find in stores (well, we cannot find it, but you understand us), but it seems that the big difference is on the inside.

According to information published by PSU, The new console use guide published on the official Sony website has shown that the total weight of the console is 3.6 kilos, which represents a reduction in weight of 300 grams compared to the figure that marks in the scale is the Digital version that is sold today (CFI-1000B).

The shift bolt

Exploded PS5

Identical to the eye, but lighter in the hand, although if we want to differentiate one model from another by its appearance, there will be a detail that will differentiate both. As you can see in the new vertical base mounting guide, the new PS5 digital edition CFI-1100B features a screw with a larger head which apparently allows it to be unscrewed directly by hand.

This is a detail that we will be able to detect instantly, since the current version mounts a reduced head screw that requires the use of a coin to unscrew it. This new addition will facilitate the work of placing the vertical base, but obviously it does not represent an important change to be highlighted.

Why is it lighter?

PS5 screw

The weight change is quite remarkable, so we would be talking about the replacement of some important element inside the chassis. The manufacturer may have found a way to reduce the gigantic heatsinks that are inside, or that the main chassis has simply been improved with some other material, but to clear up doubts we will have to wait for the first explorations to understand what is happening inside this new PS5 digital edition.

When can it be purchased?

Everything indicates that this new model will reach stores and distributors in Japan at end of july, so by then we should already discover the secrets that are hidden inside. As is usual in these revisions, the previous model will cease to be manufactured to make way for the new one, so the rest of the world should receive the new units as new stock is shipped in the coming months. But what I said, in principle there are no important changes, so we will have to wait for the first tests to see if there are improvements in cooling, noise and those invaluable details that reviews usually offer.

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