In power supplies, are SilverStone recommended?

Possibly one of the most important components of our equipment is the power supply. She is the one that will provide power to our entire PC and will even ensure the well-being of the components, offering a stable flow of voltage. But what if our font is bad? That for sure we will have endless problems and even the death of some component in our team. This is why it is crucial to always choose a good font.

SilverStone power supplies – no frills and no marketing

Although the trend of makeup power supplies Fortunately, the attractive design, the colors and even the look of adding LCD screens to the power supplies, along with giving them bombastic names is still the order of the day. But certain brands with a larger team of design and development than marketing, use that effort in designing and manufacturing quality power supplies, and definitely SilverStone It is one of these brands that puts certificates and good results before lights and colors.

It is a debate that has been carried out and even questioned on many occasions: whether or not the certificates are valid, although after so many years the truth is that their credibility and relevance are confirmed.

Cybenetics Certificates

It is also true that these certificates such as the 80PLUS And as happens in most certifications in all areas, their measurements and tests pass under very specific standards and in laboratory conditionsThis means that outside of these parameters the data may vary. On the other hand, there are certifications such as Cybenetics that appeared a few years ago, with more transparency about their protocols and tests, thus adding a extra confidence.

Are SilverStone Fonts Recommended?

As soon as we take a look at the SilverStone range on its official website, we see what has been commented. A rather nondescript range of fonts as far as design is concerned, however, each and every one of them comes accompanied with their certifications, from the highest range to the lowest range.

Obviously saying that all the sources of a specific brand are good or bad is a big mistake and something to avoid. However, like SilverStone’s years of very low RMA ratings, forums full of praise for their quality, price, and results show that the brand’s power supplies are good and offer confidence when it comes to purchase.

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