In Qualcomm they want to stand up to the Apple Silicon with their new Nuvia chips


Since Apple released the new MacBook Air Apple Silicon M1 processorsAll eyes of the competition are on the Cupertino firm. And it is that the power and above all the benefits offered by these Apple processors are really spectacular compared to the rest of the chips on the market. We do not want to say that these Apple processors are the best, simply that they have managed to work very well with their base to offer spectacular power and efficiency.

Qualcomm with several ex-Apple engineers at the helm want to stand up

It is good that there is competition and rivalry between large companies manufacturing processors. This really benefits users who see how brands strive to offer the best performance and price in their chips. ANDIn this case Nuvia, a CPU manufacturer with several former Apple engineers It is now in the hands of Qualcomm, a company that manufactured processors for those of Cupertino and that logically now view with suspicion what Apple has achieved in the M processors.

It should be noted that the CEO of Nuvia is an “old acquaintance at Apple” and is that it is Gerard Williams. Williams is currently Qualcomm’s senior vice president of engineering and once received a lawsuit from Apple after leaving the company in 2019 for using technology from the Cupertino firm and bringing employees to Nuvia. The relationship is not that it is very cordial between Apple and Williams, in fact the lawsuit has not been resolved at this point. Be that as it may, the Williams team is advancing alongside Nuvia now as part of Qualcomm to compete with Apple’s M-series processors. We’ll see what the future holds for us with these.

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