In Spain, 2,000 new professionals will be needed to work in data centers in 2026

The Association of Data Centers in Spain, Spain DCcelebrated last week its III annual meeting in Barcelona, ​​which served as the framework for the presentation of its Professional Profiles Report for the sector in the country. Among other details, this study highlights that By 2026 the sector will need 2,000 new professionals to work in data centers.

In addition, the report identifies 25 different professional profiles that will be necessary to carry out the operations of these centers, spread across more than 140 positions. All of them will have a very high demand in the sector in the coming years.

In the text a distinction is made between external and internal groups. The former include the specialties of architecture, engineering, construction, consulting and external maintenance services. The internal ones, the different levels of data center operators. In the first groups there are 46 positions that have a high demand. As for internal groups, they will need to fill around 120 types of positions with highly qualified professionals.

In addition to presenting the report, the association’s meeting has served for professionals and companies in the sector to share the main trends and challenges they face. Several of the attendees (Data4, Digital Realty Spain, Equinix, Global Switch Spain and Naviax) have raised the real prospects for growth in the data center market in Spain.

Immediately afterwards, several representatives of the association discussed the potential of the countries of the Mediterranean area to become large interconnection hubs from the south of the continent with representatives from France DataCenter, Italian Data Center Association and PortugalDC.

The morning talks of the meeting closed with a panel in which AQ Compute, Digital Valley, Ingenostrum, Nabiax and Tech-Stone talked about the role of the promoter in the sector. The last two panels of the day have focused on the challenges of the future of data centers.

In the first of them, on the demand for data center infrastructure, Accenture Spain, Portugal and Israel, Barcelona Tech, UNIR and the Center for Telecommunications and Information Technologies of the Generalitat of Catalonia (CTTi) have participated. In the second, on the challenges that the sector will have in regulation and energy, Confemetal, Data4, Deloitte Advisory, Endesa, i-DE Grupo Iberdrola and UNEF participated.

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