In these cases it is better that you connect your Smart TV via Ethernet cable

Have internet on tv It is necessary if we want to see streaming content, such as Netflix or YouTube. However, you will have two options to connect: use Wi-Fi, which is usual, or connect the Smart TV by network cable. In this article we are going to tell you in which circumstances it is better to connect this device by cable and thus achieve better results to obtain good speed and stability.

Many televisions have the option to connect both by Wi-Fi and by cable. Others, on the other hand, will only be able to connect wirelessly. But if you have the opportunity to also use a network cable, sometimes it is the best for watch content without cuts and avoid problems.

How much to connect cable TV

You will not always have the option of the cable, since perhaps the router is too far away. But keep in mind that you could even put a Wi-Fi repeater or PLC devices and connect these devices to the Smart cable TV. It’s going to be a alternative to wireless networkfor when you see that it does not work correctly.

coverage is bad

The first reason to connect the Smart TV by network cable instead of Wi-Fi, is when you notice that the wireless coverage It is not good. This happens if you are too far from the router or if you have the TV in a dead zone, which often happens if there are thick walls or walls around. Even metallic objects could affect.

Wired connections are more stable, go further and allow devices to be connected without worrying about coverage. It is only necessary to take into account that there are different types of cables and, depending on the quality, they may have a greater or lesser range, as well as being compatible with Gigabit Ethernet (speed up to 1 Gbps) or Fast Ethernet (up to 100 Mbps).

There are devices that interfere

It could also happen that there are other devices that are generating interference on the Wi-Fi network. It may happen that you have Bluetooth speakers, controls, keyboards… When working on the 2.4 GHz frequencythey can negatively affect the Wi-Fi network and cause the Internet to not work well on the TV.

If you connect by cable, all this interference will not affect. You will connect without the need to use Wi-Fi and you will not have the dreaded cuts or loss of speed that can jeopardize the stability of the network.

You have a bad Wi-Fi adapter

Another reason is if the TV has a bad Wi-Fi adapter. This can directly cause the signal does not arrive well. You could have problems connecting if you are a little far from the router, although from other devices, in the same distance, you will not have problems navigating.

Although you could also change the adapter, as long as your television is compatible, the problems could persist. Once again, connecting the Smart TV by network cable could be the solution to achieve better speed and stability.

Has gigabit port

If it has a gigabit port, it means that you will not have speed problems. You will not be limited to 100 Mbps maximum. It is true that to view content in 4K you really do not need more than 25 Mbps, but in case you have to update or download a file from the cloud, it is good to have a higher speed.

Therefore, if you are considering whether or not it is worth connecting cable television, if it is compatible with Gigabit it is even better that you connect it this way. You will notice a significant improvement in terms of stability and, perhaps, in speed.

In short, as you can see, sometimes it can be interesting connect network cable tv instead of Wi-Fi. We have shown you some cases in which you should consider this option and make the connection work better, with greater stability and even speed to view streaming content.

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