In which stores do you sell EKWB liquid cooling in Spain?

If you are going to mount liquid cooling to your equipment, do it right from the beginning. Although it is true that there are many very cheap and decent AIO (All In One) systems to use in our computer today, it is still the best option, both aesthetically and in terms of performance, the custom system when it comes to cool our PC. EKWB is one of those brands that come to mind when thinking about components when it comes to liquid cooling given its extensive product catalog and being one of the leading brands not only in Spain, but also at a European level, leading between hardware hobbyists and modding since the beginning of 2000. But, in which stores can we buy EKWB products in Spain?

Let’s not fool ourselves either, even though EKWB is a well-known brand among PC enthusiasts, liquid cooling weighs us more, it is still a niche product, which only a few of us enjoy on our computers and parts have never been easy to get. .

Stores to buy EKWB products in Spain

Although that, little by little it has changed in recent years and more and more stores, both general and more specialized, are making room in their catalog for these components. And here are some recommended stores for buy EKWB products in Spain.


Coolmod Catalog EKWB

A veteran when it comes to liquid cooling and modding in our country. This online store based in Castellón opened doors in 2002 and has helped every hardware enthusiast to provide us with the most curious or unique components in which this refers and as expected, they have been official suppliers of EKWB for Spain since many years. In its online store, you can find a large permanent catalog of stock of products from EK Waterblocks, in addition to specialized advice if necessary.


PCC Catalog EKWB

Although at first you may not have PcComponentes in your head when thinking about liquid cooling and specifically EKWB, it is true that from a few years ago until today PcComponentes has been making a more than important and interesting catalog of EK Waterblock products for your stock. Currently they are also like Coolmod, official suppliers of the brand.

Along with an extensive catalog of EK Waterblocks products, you also have one of the most extensive product selections in terms of references of products related to the custom liquid cooling, being very easy to configure your entire liquid cooling system in one place.


Wipoid catalog EKWB

Possibly the least known of those mentioned so far or the one with the least real stock, but a store to take into account when looking for EKWB products in Spain, if the rest fail or do not have what we are looking for. Its greatest strength is the configurator, which greatly reminds us of the one used by EKWB on its official website, from where you can also buy if you wish.

Regarding blocks, heatsinks or radiators from EK Waterblock in most cases the shipping is 8 to 10 days according to their own website, but they have a large selection of EKWB fittings and AIOs with immediate shipping.

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