Increase the security of your iPhone if it is stolen

If your iPhone is stolen, Apple provides different tools with which you can protect your device, either to locate it or to protect your data. But with these two settings, locating your iPhone will be much easier. Whether you have a very low battery on your device, and even without it having to be connected to the internet.

Locate your iPhone better with these settings

These options that we are going to show you have to do with your Apple ID and with all the iPhones that are in operation. To see what options it is, we must go to Settings > Apple ID (our name) > Search. This is the options panel of what we can do with the location of our iPhone, and there are three main options that we will have to review. The first one is Find My iPhone, which must be turned on. The second is called My location. For this to work, you have to check This device. The third option is Share my location. If we want, we can have it activated, even if we are not going to share our location with anyone.

Now we go into the Find my iPhone options. Three settings will appear that if we have them activated, the security of our iPhone will increase if it is stolen, when it comes to locating it. The first one is Find my iPhone, and this is used to track the location of our phone and, if it is connected to the internet, to be able to delete or block it remotely. Here come the two options that will improve security: Network Find and Send last location. What happens if our iPhone is lost or stolen if it is not connected to the internet or we have a very low battery level? In both cases, there are two solutions.

All iPhones communicate

With the Search Network option, we give permission for our iPhone to be part of the connection network between Apple iPhones, in such a way that Apple devices can be located without being connected to the Internet. Also, if we activate the option, we will not only be part of this network anonymously, but we will also be able to locate our iPhone even if you are not connected to the internet. This principle of the Search Network is the same one that Apple uses in AirTags. Thanks to the huge number of iPhones that are currently in operation, they connect with each other, without exchanging personal data and triangulate a position network in which all Apple devices fit inside and are recognized.

App Find iPhone

On the other hand, if we have a low battery percentage and our iPhone is lost or stolen, our phone will send the last location to Apple, just before it shuts down due to lack of battery. So we can know what was the last place our iPhone has been. With these two options, tracking our iPhone will be much easier. On the one hand, the need to have the internet to locate the phone is eliminated and, on the other, the location position of our mobile is extended before it runs out of battery, and we cannot know where it was for the last time, because it has turned off

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