Infinidat announces InfiniBox SSA II, its new generation of solid state arrays

infinity has announced a new generation of its solid state arrays: InfiniBox SSA IIwith which the company extends the technology’s cyber-resilience capabilities to its primary storage systems InfiniSafe, which until now only incorporated its InfiniGuard backup devices. With them, immutable captures, «air-gap» spaces, isolated networks for forensic analysis and data recovery are combined almost instantly.

In addition, the array also boasts ultra-low latency, making it easy for this all-flash storage array to run faster. its latency reaches 35 microseconds, that is, 0.035 milliseconds. This allows applications to perform optimally, as well as workloads, while increasing efficiency and lowering total costs.

The company has also improved the core InfiniBox software, which it has optimized for additional connections, as well as increased parallelism for additional cores. They have also integrated new algorithms into neural caching technology, with which InfiniBox manages to maintain constant high performance and low latency, adapting to changes such as new servers and applications without the need for human intervention for modifications.

InfiniBox SSA II is equipped with the InfiniOps advanced management and operation solutions package, which is integrated into the InfiniVerse console as standard. It also has more integration with DevOps and AIOps data center ecosystems. These appliances also now have CSI 2.1.0 support for Kubernetes, VMware, and RedHat environments. In addition, it incorporates improvements in the integration with Ansible focused on simplifying the management and integration of storage systems.

Phil Bullinger, CEO of Infinityhas highlighted this release that «InfiniBox SSA has allowed us to accelerate our business, expand our reach and gain share in the All-Flash Array (AFA) market, especially in those environments where the highest levels of performance and availability, complete cyber resiliency and a model cost-effective solution for the most demanding applications and workloads. With InfiniBox SSA II, we now have a comprehensive portfolio of cyber resiliency solutions powered by a common software architecture, extending the value and capabilities we’ve been delivering to our customers since early 2021.”

As to Fernando Egido, Country Manager of Infinidat Iberiaindicates that “the Cyber ​​resilience is currently one of the most important and most demanded requirements for companies, as they guarantee total security and provide protection for all data storage environments and infrastructures.”

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