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With each new season of Fortnite, a new battle pass arrives, a battle pass whose most interesting rewards are always found in the last 10 levels of the 100 that make it up. But, in addition, we can also get additional rewards if we reach level 200. If we do not have all the free time we need to complete the pass or we want to reach the maximum level before our friends, we can use one of the different infinite XP maps available in Fortnite.

To earn XP on these maps, all we have to do is access them and click on the corresponding XP button that these maps show. From then on, the screen will display a XP counter that is increased without us having to do anything on our part, so we can leave the game open and dedicate ourselves to other things or, we can play the experience that the map in question proposes.

Maps to get infinite XP in Fortnite

The maps that we propose below invite us to click on a button to start receiving XP, there’s no need build structure or look for hidden buttons, perform a dance or anything like that.


Once we have accessed this map, we must look in the room where we find the button XP Shop, a yellow button that, when pressed, will take us to another room. In that usually, we must look for the button AFKXP. From this moment on, a counter will be displayed on the screen with the experience that we are getting. We don’t have to do anything else on our end if we don’t want to.


After entering this map code, we will appear right next to a button with the text XP Shop, on which we have to press to access a new area of ​​the map. Next, we go to the right part of the map, where there is a room with tomato heads and click on the button AFKXP at which point an XP counter will be displayed in the center of the screen.

Fortnite XP


This map of 1 on 1 fights also allows us to get infinite XP without doing anything. Once the map is loaded, we go to the hook machine and stand just to its right where, looking into the abyss, we will find an XP button, on which we have to press to start gaining experience without doing anything else.

How to access these maps

To access all these maps, we can do it from Creative Mode or by entering the code directly in the option island code from the game picker. The island codes must be entered as we have written them. If we have entered the code correctly, the message Island found will be displayed. At that moment, we click on the Accept button to enter.

fortnite island code

Can my account be banned for using these maps?

All the maps available through the Fortnite Creative Mode have been supervised by Epic before being publicly available, so we can use them freely without running the risk of getting our account banned for getting experience very quickly. None of these maps takes advantage of any Fortnite bug, as some media claim, so we can use them as many times as we want.

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