Infinity Gamma, the new NOX RGB box for your TOP hardware

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when building a PC is giving certain components less importance than they deserve. A clear example is the PC box and unfortunately in lean times when we need to choose a tower we tend to throw low budget. NOX has taken note of this with its Infinity Gammaa model that undoubtedly has one of the best relationships between its price and performance.

If we are talking about a tower with a recommended retail price of 55 euros, the first thing we will do is raise our eyebrows and jump to the conclusion that it is one more box among those found on the market. However, despite the excellent quality for its price, the Infinity Gamma has some key absences that explain its lower price, but all without losing quality levels that make it an excellent option for those who are building a PC.

These are the characteristics of the NOX Infinity Gamma

This NOX box is presented completely in black with a c0.6mm SPCC steel hasis. As for its dimensions, these are 389 x 205 x 450 mm and weighs 4 kg of passage. Aesthetically, it stands out for an LED strip on the front of it and a tempered glass side panel. The Infinity Gamma is designed to house ATX motherboards, as well as power supplies of the same type, and of a smaller size such as Micro ATX, Mini-ATX, etc.

At the same time comes with an ARGB controller and you can install up to 6 different fans organized with the following configuration:

  • 3 front fans of 120 mm each
  • 1 rear 120mm fan, included as standard
  • 2 upper fans.
  • We can opt for liquid cooling, where we can opt for a 120, 240 or 360 mm radiator at the front and/or 120 mm at the rear.

Regarding the space available, we are limited to one graphics card up to 330mm in length and even 160mm CPU cooler tall at most. In addition to having a small space of 22 mm for cable management and being able to make the interior of our box look tidy.

Limitations that are not at all

NOX has gotten its Infinity Gamma to come at a great price by making two sacrifices. The first of these is to reduce the number of fans that this PC case comes as standard, the second is that it has fewer expansion bays than other towers, but it is by no means short in terms of expansion capabilities, since it has space to mount two 3.5″ HDDs on the bottom and two 2.5″ SSDs on the side.

As for the front panel, we find that it brings with it two USB 2.0 ports and a high-speed USB 3.0 port, as well as the relevant connections for speakers and microphone. All of this makes it an excellent option, whether you want to renew your PC tower or are buying a new one after a long time.

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