Influencer Marketing In Online Gambling

Influencer Marketing is one of the most potent marketing tools that stood the test of time. It’s been used before the internet age to create awareness about new products or brands, and lately with the latitude that the internet provides, it exploits the concept of celebrity influence or endorsement and incorporates it into the 21st century content-driven marketing campaign.

Online casinos and other online businesses can enter into a lucrative collaboration with people with massive social media followings who are ready to stake their fame on promoting brands to their followers. Celebrity endorsement on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube are as useful to online casinos as a good ranking on a gambling platform like when it comes to marketing their products.

Online gambling is a booming multi-billion market with an annual increase in profit, and it has successfully caught the attention of the big names in sports and other fields of entertainment. Logically, many influencers are obliged to make the smart business move by endorsing the big players in the gambling industry with a deal that makes commercial sense to them. And the two major ways by which they get the job done will be discussed below.

Affiliate Links

Affiliates are often popular casino streamers who are connected to their fan base through their social media. These fans follow their every move, so they get to watch the livestream of their idols gambling at online casinos. They post affiliate links on their page, frequently leaning towards the loyalty of their live audience by asking them to get involved in what is trending, highlighting the benefits of doing so on one of the platforms of the company they are promoting.

Referral programs are growth marketing tools also called word-of-mouth marketing aimed to encourage existing customers to recommend or convince their family and colleagues to gamble on an online casino or join a brand. In the gambling sphere, when a new user creates an account with a gambling platform through an affiliate link, the affiliate gets some percentage of the profit from the online activity of the new user as it would be stated in the deal made between the affiliate and the partnered company.

Direct Sponsorships

It’s hard to determine how much money influencers make from promoting or endorsing a particular brand, but one could guess that it’s a lucrative partnership since many famous people are actively involved in such endeavors. Drake is one of the most famous musicians of his era, and lately he has been posting about his gambling activity on his Instagram, with every post conspicuously bearing the tag of the online casino he fancies. His fans are bound to notice the huge figures in his earnings from gambling and will be excited about the prospects of winning like their idol, which is the aim of the marketing stunt.

Direct sponsorship is a partnership that usually requires influencers to simply play at the site they are advertising and to indicate the gambling platform in their feed. They may also be required to post pictures of themselves wearing anything with the brand’s logo to show their fans the site they need to visit when gambling.

Influencer marketing is a popular and effective marketing scheme in online gambling, and it benefits both the online casino and the influencer. The driving force behind such business arrangements is the monetary gain, but sometimes, the influencers actually believe in the brand’s business profile and ideology, or they may be emotionally connected to the product they are promoting.

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