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Become a chef thanks to Instagram

As we said, there are a lot of types of accounts related to the food sector in this social network. For example, on our website, we have already made other compilations of profiles on Instagram about healthy food or, which is quite fashionable, some of the accounts foodies More popular.

But specifically, the issue of Traditional food it seems that little by little it is being lost. For this reason, we would like to introduce these creators who are still betting (on many occasions, not all) on dishes from the kitchen of our mothers and grandmothers. Thanks to them we can learn to prepare a good paella, cakes, meatballs, croquettes, stews and a very long etcetera.

Best traditional food Instagram accounts

That said, we get down to work. Take a pencil and paper because you will want to write down more than one of the traditional recipes that we will see in these accounts.

Chef Rafa (@ rafuel55)

The first account we want to talk to you about is, in turn, one of the most popular in the food sector at the moment. This is the profile of Chef Rafa, a man who decided to learn how to take pictures and make videos on Instagram. And, the truth is that the movement went quite well, since it currently has almost 629 thousand followers in this social network. Among all the recipes that he publishes on his Instagram wall we can find potato omelette with onion, beef stew, cheese toast with sobrasada and much more. In our opinion, the feeling, grace and energy that Rafael transmits are the keys to his success, as well as some spectacular recipes.

Susana Pérez (@webosfritos)

Another of the quite popular accounts in this sector is that of Susana perez, also known among its 237 thousand followers like Fried Webos. Susana began her project in 2007 in order to try to bring those grandmother’s recipes, as we mentioned, to a mass audience so that they would not get lost. So, in alliance with her husband Jesús (who is passionate about photography) they started this beautiful project of traditional recipes on Instagram. Among all their recipes we can find many of Manchego origin, pastries such as the typical roscón de reyes, baked chicken, tortillas and much more. A profile that is a true delight.

Croquetagram (@croquetagram)

If you have tried a croquette, that has been your downfall, because you will not want to stop eating them. And, is there something more classic than this recipe of Spanish gastronomy? Well, the profile of Croquetagram you don’t want this delight to be lost in oblivion. Croquettes of all kinds: ham, cod, classic, etc. And all with a direct link to their creators so that we can see their own elaboration. This account has managed to gather more than 90 thousand croquettes lovers throughout all of Instagram.

Yummy Recipes (@rechupete)

We continue with the account of Yummy Recipes. A blog, run by Alfonso López, on the most typical cuisine in Spain, with dishes ranging from rice pudding, a good Galician cachopo, donuts or, of course, some good potato omelettes. In addition, thanks to their videos we will be able to see each step of the elaboration. The Rechupete Recipes profile already has more than 81 thousand followers within this social network.

Miriam García (@miriamelinvitado)

On the other hand, and be prepared if you are a pastry lover, there is the account of Miriam Garcia that has already fallen in love with more than 46 thousand users on Instagram with his posts. She is from Madrid who enjoys preparing many classic recipes for both dishes and sweets in the original style. Accompanied by an incredible humor, Miriam shares with us how she makes recipes such as apple pie, Santiago pie, soups, chickpeas and many other things. In addition, he also teaches face-to-face classes in Madrid for those who are interested.

Héctor Paellas and rice (@elchefkent)

If you are Valencian, or just an inveterate lover of paellas, you should follow Héctor Paellas and rice, like they already do almost 28 thousand users in this social network. As its name suggests, Héctor’s account is a well for the imagination of all kinds of paellas, rice dishes, fideuàs and the odd little thing else. In your profile we can learn how to make the typical Valencian paella, Fideuà with octopus and crayfish, Arròs negre, Rice with lobster and an endless number of different ways to prepare this type of dish. How could it be otherwise, the account of a good Valencian.

YOUR MOUTH WATER (@tubocaagua)

And, speaking of rice or fideuàs, another of the traditional food accounts that also declare themselves passionate about this dish are YOUR MOUTH WATER which, of course, are also from Valencia (or, at least, a part of them). Browsing through the publications that we can find in your account, we can see fideuà with fine herbs and senderuelas, rice with quails, the typical steak with potatoes (although the meat is very well chosen) or a scrambled eggs with chorizo ​​and wild asparagus, among many other things. The profile of Tu Boca Agua (which lives up to its own name), has already conquered the hearts of more than 23 thousand people within this social network.

What do you think of these classic recipes on Instagram? What are your favorites? The truth is that it is a shame that this type of cuisine is lost in oblivion because, after all, it is about our history, our roots. So, if you are reading these words, don’t forget to share this article with other foodies.

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