Instagram against abuse: how you can protect yourself or others

Word filtering and limited interactions on Instagram

Instagram is still a very attractive platform or social network. Even after the changes made recently with that strong push in the use of Reels, etc., for many it is the ideal place to share photos, stories and keep in touch with other users.

However, it must be admitted that sometimes the only way to be able to continue using the network with some peace of mind is by turning your public profile into a private one or by limiting the interaction of people who can send you messages because you follow or follow them as much as possible. But of course, if you want to grow and you like the social point, two-way communication is not ideal.

That’s why Instagram introduces new privacy tools that can improve all of this. Because if you wanted to get rid of certain unwanted interactions, now you can. But let us tell you in more detail and calm what they consist of.

Word filtering on Instagram

Instagram has announced three new tools and the first of them is focused on stopping the abusive comments that a user may receive on their profile or on filtering out all those who would not like to read it or have their followers read it.

This new tool is or is called as word filtering and as you can guess, it is nothing other than the possibility of creating a list of words, phrases and emoticons that you do not want to be used. In this way, once added to their corresponding section, Instagram will automatically take them into account and any comments that you use can be hidden without the user having anything else to do.

However, the process to activate Instagram word filtering is as follows:

  1. Access Instagram and then your profile
  2. Now click on the icon to access Settings
  3. In Settings, tap on the Privacy option
  4. Now take a good look because in the first positions it should appear Filtered words
  5. Once inside, go to the Manage custom word list section
  6. There go to Add to list and enter everything separated by commas
  7. Finally, activate the Hide comments button

From now on, when one of those phrases, words or emoticons appears in a comment, it will be automatically hidden and no one will see it. Of course, be careful how you enter the words and phrases to avoid hiding comments that you would not mind having in view for you and the rest of the followers.

You can also activate another option that may be very interesting to you: hide message requests. It is possible that it has happened to you on some occasion that you receive a request through a direct message with which you are invited to try X things or if you want to see an image, etc. Well, with this option active, you also get rid of them.

With Instagram word filtering, all you have to do from time to time is update the list with new words and expressions. You know, in case they write some using numbers instead of vowels or things like that.

Comments and private messages limits

The second novelty, this is yet to come, is the Limits tool. Thanks to this, the use of Instagram improves by being able to avoid comments of abuse or simply the reception of new messages by establishing a time limit.

That is, what it does or will do is allow you to tell Instagram that for a certain time you do not want to know anything. Ideal in case some type of publication has gone viral and you see that you are receiving many messages because you can take a breath. Something that is even useful when the reason for which they are looking for you is not directly related to Instagram and is related to your activity on another network.

Active protection

Along with these two novelties, there is also the active protection that Instagram itself will offer in a regular way to what has already been done in other networks to combat fake news. That is, Instagram will automatically alert the user if he is entering or using bad-sounding words repeatedly.

Tools for a better experience

The privacy and security on Instagram It is important and not only in order to decide who can or cannot see your publications on the platform, but also for all this to better control aspects such as interactions and comments. Because if users with management capacity can be overwhelmed and overwhelmed, imagine those who do not have so many tools on a personal level to know how to deal with situations that escape the usual.

Therefore, the more and better options they offer, the more satisfactory the use of the network will be. Of course, for the moment you should know that these privacy tools are available to all users, but right now you may only have access to one or a few. All will arrive and will be accessible from the web as well as the native iOS and Android apps, but if you see them for the moment, do not be surprised because it is a matter of time.

And one last tip, these tools that you should know as a user or for those top accounts that you manage on said platform are not a word filtering measure that is definitive as the direct blocking of a profile. Here the list requires certain revisions over time to add new words that you detect and are offensive, or vary the way in which they are written to bypass said filter. Because we all know that some haters don’t get tired.

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