Instagram and Facebook will have their own NFT market in the metaverse

Several weeks ago, as we reported at the time, the owner of the popular social network Facebook made the metaverse towards which he wants to go official. Since Zuckerberg began to talk to us about this concept, many companies have joined the movement, which also includes the use of NFTs.

It is more than likely that throughout these weeks that we are discussing with you, on many occasions you have heard of the metaverse and NFT concepts. In most cases, both come together because companies and platforms begin to use them. The first thing we should know is that when we talk about the aforementioned NFTs, we are referring to Non-Fungible Tokens or non-exchangeable tokens.

Actually, these are some non-tradeable digital goods that we can accumulate in our virtual portfolios in different ways. This means that these goods can be added to other cryptocurrencies that have been talked about so much in recent times. We can even accumulate virtual elements of these characteristics through certain games that we run on the PC. Later, as our virtual portfolio grows thanks to NFT content, we will be able to use it in many environments.

We tell you all this because in these same lines we want to focus on some of the most popular social networks of the moment. To begin with, we will tell you that there are plans for Instagram and Facebook. Are social networks will have their own NFT market in the metaverse, as is being known right now. Keep in mind that if this were to take place, the arrival of NFTs on these platforms would indicate the largest show of support to date.

The main social networks join the NFT trend

In this way, social networks would help, it is expected, to clean up the controversial image of these items. At the same time, and if we take into account the enormous use of Facebook or Instagram, cryptocurrencies would consolidate their arrival and use in the current digital world. Of course, these plans are currently in the initial phase and could change in the future. It is estimated that the Facebook and Instagram teams are working on a prototype that will allow users to mint NFTs on the platforms.

Before continuing, we will tell you that another of the main social networks, Twitter, has already made it official that users will be able to use their NFTs as a profile picture.

Therefore, the two aforementioned platforms, Facebook and Instagram, could be preparing a function similar to the one mentioned on Twitter. In that case users could still display NFT as their profile picture. At the same time, there is speculation about the possibility that they are planning launch your own NFT marketplace in the metaverse.

What is certain is that this set has not stopped spreading, and what remains to be seen, since mark zuckerberg alluded to all this last October. A little later, in December, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, spoke of the platform’s intention to delve into NFTs. With all this, what is intended is find ways to make them more accessible to a greater number of customers and users.

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