Instagram crash: stories are completely buggy

After the massive outage that affected WhatsApp, it’s Instagram’s turn to act up this Tuesday, October 25, 2022. In question, a problem with the stories which, for some reason still unknown, are scrolling at high speed.

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Decidedly, the applications of the Meta group are in difficulty this Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Already this morning, we mentioned in our columns a global blackout of WhatsApp. In effect, it was impossible for millions of users to send messages.

However, we have just learned that it is the turn from Instagram to act up since the beginning of the afternoon. Indeed, reports are beginning to accumulate on the DownDetector site, which specializes in identifying problems with the most popular applications and services.

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Instagram stories are down

Visibly, a bug is currently affecting the stories of the social network. For some reason still unknown, they scroll by some users at high speed, preventing them from watching them. The stories are linked at full speed. For affected users, clearing the cache or reinstalling the app doesn’t seem to help. On Twitter, complaints are also increasing.

Let me see Instagram stories too please? Instagram Down I guess as usual”, writes user Emie on the bluebird. Unlike the WhatsApp outage, this problem is less widespread and seems to affect a certain portion of users only.

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Let us also specify that other Instagram features work without a hitch. It is always possible to consult his news feed, watch videos or even send messages to his friends without any difficulty. For now, the social network has not made an official statement about this bug. In fact, we do not know if and when a patch will be deployed to fix the problem.

As a reminder, in early October 2022, many iPhone owners were no longer able to open the Instagram app. Upon opening, the app closed instantly. Some users have pointed to Instagram’s latest update v.255.0 on iOS. In particular, it was recommended to connect via a web browser to work around the problem.

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