Instagram Feed: what is it and tips to have an attractive one


The secret to making your Instagram profile look professional is plan every detail. The more complex your feed is, the more hours of planning it will require.

If you want to have a very complex feed, you must have a very well prepared content plan that marks the exact number of daily publications so as not to distort the design. And, of course, planning should not leave aside other technical aspects such as audience retention or feedback.

Color palette and typography

color feed instagram

In general, a good feed has a brand identity. That identity is generated as a result of a communication strategy and a creative concept. You can do this yourself or you can delegate it to a professional if you prefer someone else to do this task.

In any case, your brand will be defined by a series of colors, fonts, textures, icons and even music if you also make videos. All of these elements will have to work together in your feed for everything to work.


instagram photo editing

We have talked about color and typography, but we must not forget the images themselves. The same applies to photography and video. It is very important to maintain the same artistic style over time. Sometimes it will be as simple as editing your photos with the same default and your videos with the same LUT. However, you will encounter serious difficulties when taking pictures in different light conditions.

You can start from a Lightroom or VSCO preset, but sooner or later you’ll have to be able to recreate the same tones and colors in different photos so they don’t clash with your feed.

Types of Instagram feeds

There are thousands of ways to organize an Instagram feed. If you need inspiration, these are some of the styles More popular among users of the social network. From here, you are totally free to get inspired and combine styles until you have a totally unique one that suits your needs.

Checkerboard Feed – Difficulty: Very Easy

instagram board

One of the typical problems of maintaining a good feed on Instagram is having to control the number of posts. If you elaborate your staging a lot, you will have to upload a certain number of photos in a row so as not to break the feed.

With the chessboard, there will be no problem. you will have to choose Two colors that contrast well. Then, each post will alternate between those two styles. In some cases, the image can be mounted on top of a larger design and made into a pattern—as seen in the image above.

Mosaic Feed – Difficulty: Easy

mosaic instagram feed

This other system is very versatile and will allow you to explore a lot of possibilities without having to follow very rigid guidelines. It consists of making a design in which each image is independent, but that keeps a certain continuity with the rest of the feed. The result is tidy and very pleasing to the eye. It won’t force you to post multiple images in a row, and your timeline will look neat. The possibilities in this way are almost limitless, and you can spend years using this style without getting tired of it.

Vertical Feed – Difficulty: Easy

vertical instagram feed

This style is quite simple and affordable. It is done by columns. The usual thing is to publish photographs in the columns exteriors and text in the central column. Keeping this feed tidy is relatively easy. However, to make it look attractive, you need to keep the style of the images—use the same default or edit them following the same concept—and we should also do the same with the color palette and typography.

The vertical feed can be combined with the horizontal feed you’ll see below (one line of each style) or even make each column different. This is usually a pretty good solution if you want to tidy up your feed for the first time.

Horizontal Feed – Difficulty: Easy

horizontal instagram feed.

One line, one theme. In this other feed, each triad of photos will be a different topic. They can be separate photos or you can also connect them through a common background. In the second case, the complexity will be in planning each trio of images and exporting them so that they later appear as one in the feed.

Giant Feed – Difficulty: Medium

giant instagram feed

This feed is surprising, because each image is made up of a 3×3 square or a larger rectangle, 4×3 or larger. Carrying it out is fairly affordable. However, it has its negative parts. When dividing a photo into nine squares, many of those squares may not have meaning. Your followers will not understand the image and will not like it, losing your account a lot engagement.

To do it well, you will have to pose each square as the puzzle feed that we tell you below. If you manage to make each image separately have meaning, you will have crowned yourself.

Feed puzzle – Difficulty: very hard

infinity grid instagram

If you want to leave your followers with their mouths open, the puzzle feed is for you. Basically, it consists of doing images that have meaning on their ownbut from the feed view, they can be seen as a giant image that has continuity.

To do this you need a lot planning and quite a bit of knowledge about image editing. a single mistake will completely ruin the feed – and we know that many influencers they opted for this path years ago and ended up failing at some point—. If you choose this style, keep in mind that you will be condemned to not delete any photos from now on. If you do, you will ruin all the work.

Feed remix – Difficulty: medium

instagram feed mix

Once you know some of these styles, you are free to mix and match them to get your custom version. An example can be to combine the giant feed by adding a column with some opacity to add text as in the vertical feed. The possibilities are endless. The important thing and the tedious thing will be to maintain the style.

Tips for migrating from one feed style to another

When you get tired of one style of feed, you can migrate to another. You just have to make a transition. If you have been making a puzzle feed for years and want to switch to a simpler format, the ideal would be to spend a few weeks posting images to form a horizontal feed that is still related to the whole grid puzzle style you’ve done before.

This way, the change won’t be so abrupt and it will give you some time to think of a new style that will continue to work on your timeline.

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