Instagram is finally resurrecting timeline display

Announced a few weeks ago, the chronological display is finally making its comeback on Instagram.

Users have been eagerly awaiting it, it is finally coming back. In a video shared on his Twitter account, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri shared a video on the next new features that would be implemented on the social platform. Among them, new feed display options, which can now be sorted by favorites, or in chronological order.

Favorites, to reconnect with loved ones

From now on, Instagram will have a Home tab from the home page of the social network. It will thus be possible to switch between his classic feed, and a feed “Favorite”. As with the close Friends in story, the platform will allow users to define their favorite accounts, and to take advantage of a light feed, for example to see only the publications of their friends or their family. A novelty which is reminiscent of the various tools mentioned this year by Twitter, which intended dissociate personal and professional profiless of a user within the same account.

With the arrival of display by Favorites, Instagram may be paving the way for another feature, that of lists. Already present on Twitter, we can imagine that within a few months, it will be possible to switch between different feeds from a single account, thus dissociating his personal interests from those related to his work, or any other activity. Remember that for the moment, the operation is not possible, unless you create a second independent account, and navigate between the two.

The return of the chronological flow

Instagram new feed
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Adam Mosseri had promised in December before the United States Senate: the chronological flow display will also make its big comeback this year. After its disappearance in 2016, many users regretted Instagram’s control over the hierarchy of displayed content. Like Favorites, the functionality is already in the test phase with a small panel of Internet users. For now, no official deployment date has yet been confirmed. We can probably expect to see all of these new features arrive within a few weeks.

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