Instagram is testing paid subscriptions

Content makers on Instagram, as it became known yesterday, will soon have another way through which they can earn income from this platform. We are talking about paid subscriptions. And if you go into details, at the moment, only a very small number of “influential users” of the social network from the United States of America have access to this functionality, since Instagram is still testing it.

One way or another, it is already known that at the very beginning, after the innovation becomes widely available, users will be able to post several live broadcasts and stories behind paid access. And if we refer to the words of Adam Mosseri, the current head of Instagram, then all those stories that can be saved as favorites only for paid subscribers will have a purple ring, which will distinguish them from public ones. And by the way, just like with Twitch and YouTube, paying subscribers will get a purple badge next to their username. This will allow content makers to see the badge in comments, messages, and other places to know exactly when a paying subscriber is interacting with them.

That way, they can pay more attention to followers if they want to, creating “added value” around following themselves. We also know that some additional subscription features may be added in the future. In this regard, Adam Mosseri has already said that his team is working to enable creators to export their follower lists and “transfer them from Instagram to other applications and websites created by other companies.” Creators, after the full implementation of this innovation, will be able to set a monthly subscription price for themselves of their choice, while subscribers themselves will be able to subscribe to such accounts extremely quickly – due to a special button in each individual profile.

Tyumen, Russia β€” May 1,2019: Apple iPhone XR showing Instagram application on mobile

Instagram plans to expand its testing to more creators in the coming months, while parent company Meta said earlier that it would not cut creator earnings until at least 2023. β€œThis move will help creators earn more by offering their most active followers benefits such as access to exclusive Live Streams and Stories. I’m excited to continue building tools for creators to make a living from their creative work, and to put those tools in the hands of more creators soon,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Instagram’s parent company, Meta.

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