Instagram Reels introduces text-to-speech functions and voice effects

Without a doubt, the first arrival of the Reels to Instagram was clearly focused on trying to include some of the favorite integrations of the successful TikTok, even later being included on Facebook. And it is that in fact, now the application has introduced two new functions once again popularized in its competitor, seeking to face or perhaps not lose relevance in front of it, with the new arrival of a text-to-speech tool, which will allow us to add a voiceover to our videos.

As the company itself explains, from now on, when a user writes any line of text within their videos, they will be able to select the option to play an automatically generated voice to read it aloud, through access to the function that we can find inside the text bubble in the lower left corner of the screen. Once selected, we will only have to choose between one of the two voice options available, and publish our video.

Although this text-to-speech conversion makes the Reels more accessible for some Instagram users, the truth is that its use is mainly oriented to the recent viralization of the videos popularized on TikTok, which use this robotic voice to narrate small texts with a satirical and funny character for its contents.

In addition to this text-to-speech feature, Instagram has also implemented new voice effects for Reels. With this feature, creators will be able to change their voice as they see fit and choose from the various options available. They can change their voices to sound like they’ve inhaled helium, make them more bass, or even tweak them to make them sound like a robot or a vocalist, with an effect similar to the famous auto-tune.

So remember that Reels and Instagram Stories are two different functions, under the main difference that while the Stories are ephemeral, with a character that is limited to 24 hours of availability, the Reels are permanent.

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