Instagram Removes “Swipe Up” From Stories, Now What?

Instagram eliminates swipe up

Currently, any user who actively uses social networks needs features or options such as being able to share content. And be careful, not only photos, videos or other types of files, also links. The latter is almost something basic and even so, not all platforms give the option in each of the types of content that they allow to publish.

On Instagram, for example, this has always been something quite objectionable. On the one hand, it is logical that they do not do it, because the idea is that you spend as much time as possible on the platform. So having this option is to make it easier for them to go more quickly to a website or another network.

On the other hand, no and worst of all is that when they offered the possibility of linking from Instagram stories to external websites with the classic swipe up or swipe up they did it with restrictions. Only users with 10,000 followers on the platform could use the option.

Now the company has decided to eliminate that gesture and does so for several reasons, the main one is a usability issue. Because when using the swipe up option in these stories, the possibility that users who saw it could comment on it was lost. Then there is the issue of the graphic composition itself and how it allowed or not the creators to be able to tell their followers what they should do to see the linked content. You know, the classic stickers with gestures to swipe up, etc.

Well, the change already confirmed by Instagram will be from next August 30th. From that moment on, the new Instagram update will no longer allow adding links in stories and accessing them by swiping up. But don’t worry, because there will be an alternative option to improve Instagram stories.

The alternative to Instagram Swipe Up

When Instagram removes the swipe up to link option, the new new option that they will enable to do the same is one in which they have been working for a few months: a sticker or sticker like those of music or to mention users.

Thanks to the use of these new stickers to link external content, users will be able to enter the URL that interests them and place it in the story as they see fit. This will not only give new options at the composition level, it will also allow you to comment on the original story. Something that, as we have said, until now could not be due to how the swipe up worked.

Now the question is whether to use this sticker it will still be necessary to reach 10,000 followers or if they will change the policy and allow anyone to choose this option. It would be interesting if this were the case and it would avoid having to use tricks to link when you do not reach the minimum number of followers on Instagram, but for now there is no clear confirmation of what will happen.

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