Instagram updates with a feature that will give you a hard hit of nostalgia

The social networks They have become an indispensable part of our day to day, which is why they must constantly be updated to offer their users new innovative tools that adapt to current trends, otherwise they could fall into oblivion.

Instagram knows this perfectly, a clear example is its beginnings which began as an application made for iPhone, exclusively for photography. Now, it has become a massive social network and even for the vast majority of devices, little by little it was adding extras until it became what it is.

However other spaces like MSN messenger, an application that was by far the first messaging app, where you could send buzzes, set statuses and even send multimedia files, they did not have the same luck leaving behind hundreds of memories and good moments that continue in the mind of Many.

The nostalgia caused by this old app has apparently been so strong that some of its functions have come to life again thanks to tricks created by the WhatsApp community. Now we know that Instagram also wants to jump on the retro train, which is why it will implement one of the most beloved features of MSN Messenger.

New MSN Messenger feature

According to the first reports, the new updates, which Instagram will incorporate, will be the ability to place states in profiles, which will last 24 hours and later will disappear. In total it will be possible to place 32 characters including emojis among other special ones.

Once active, only the account’s followers They will be able to see these states, not like the stories that in their vast majority, unless they are classified as best friends, all people can see them.

With this you can establish if someone is busy, working or just cannot answer, moods or any other situation it is already possible to place on the profiles.

This update will arrive gradually to all the people who use this social network and it is like an assault on nostalgia and a nod to the already known MSN messenger.


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