Instagram will offer parental control

Instagram He has been in a rather uncomfortable situation for a few months now. Situation in which, to be fair, the company itself has gotten itself into, although some leaks have been necessary for us to know what was happening from the inside. Revelations that have outraged, and rightly so, a large part of society, which now hopes that those responsible for the service have to take responsibility for their actions.

It all started when it was filtered that Meta (then Facebook) was working on an Instagram plan for children. This, in itself, already provoked enough reactions against it, but ethere were only a few gray clouds compared to the storm that was going to unleash when it was learned that the company had its own studies in which the harmful effects of Instagram on young people and adolescents were put in black on white, and that despite having this information for years, not only had they not done anything about it, but they continued working on expanding the tentacles of the service to reach children.

For the first time, Instagram overtook Facebook in terms of being the group’s most controversial service, and some rather unfortunate statements from its director only served to add fuel to the fire and to lighten spirits. Now, just days from having to testify in the United States Congress, a process that will certainly not be pleasant, it seems that the time has finally come to take action. And yes, better late than never, but it could have been much less late, specifically since they had the first reports about the effects of Instagram on teenagers.

Be that as it may, something is something, and as we can read today on its official blog, Instagram will soon release several functions aimed at protecting minors, among which stand parental control elements to debut next year, and that they will provide parents and guardians with greater control over what their children do on Instagram. This function will be complemented with an educational center so that parents can better understand the platform and, in this way, be able to act with greater control of the situation in relation to their children’s relationship with Instagram.

Additionally, a new function will also be added, for the moment only in Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, which will propose to adolescents that, after a period of use of Instagram, take a break from social media. How dissuasive this warning is will, of course, depend on whether young people take it into account or not. However, the key will come when parents have the necessary resources to properly manage their children’s presence on Instagram.

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