Instagram will soon allow you to comment on a post with a GIF, it was about time

As has often been the case for some time, Instagram is going to have a feature already available on competing social networks. This time it’s GIFs in replies or comments.

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Instagram will soon give its users the possibility to answer or comment on a post with a GIF. We can, of course, already respond to Stories with graphic elements, but the absence of GIFs is sorely felt in the comments of the posts. This new feature will put the social network at the same level as its competitorsTikTok, Pinterest and other Snapchats that already allow you to respond to posts with GIFs.

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The feature isn’t available to all users yet, but when it does, you’ll find the steps are the same as for Stories. A GIF option will appear when you write in the comment box. If you tap on this GIF button, you will see a search bar and a selection of GIFs. As you can see, the procedure is intuitive, it is moreover the flow that we know in most messaging applications.

Instagram wants to make its comments section livelier and offers to insert GIFs

In terms of variety, you’ll have plenty to choose from in GIF, since animated images are offered by Giphy, the huge database for finding, sharing, and creating animated GIFs. Meta should gradually roll out this feature over the coming weeks.

The interface of the Instagram application with the GIF button / Credit: Reddit

Meta seems to have slowed down the pace of Instagram updates a bit. The last big feature update, which increased the maximum duration of Stories from 15 to 60 seconds, dates from September 2022. Is the social network undergoing an identity crisis? Its managers admitted quite recently that Instagram offers too many videos to users. If the company is still chasing after the ideal formula, in the end, it copies the functionalities offered by competing applications. There ability to zoom directly into Storiesfor example, borrowed from Signal.

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