Instagram will still censor certain “at risk” content

The social network has taken new measures to stem “potentially dangerous” content from its platform, and is planning a new wave of censorship.

Instagram will strengthen its security rules. The company announced in a press release published yesterday that it was going to be even more severe about the content judged “potentially at risk”. Concretely, the social network will no longer display (or very little) the publications that it deems likely to “contain intimidation, hate speech or incite violence”. However, the regulation ofInstagram has always censored this risky content. We can therefore wonder what will really change this time.

Instagram strengthens its shadowbans

Until now, content deemed sensitive was systematically censored from the application, but only on public tabs, such as Explore, which allow Internet users to discover content creators they do not yet follow. The application, however, did not change the way these publications were displayed for subscribers of an account that shares risky publications. From now on, the Meta subsidiary will act not only on problematic publications — which will be censored in Explore, but also in a user’s feed — but it will also work proactively, hiding content “similar” to those already sanctioned.

Result: risky publications should be much less visible on the application, both for the general public and for subscribers. The platform also reserves the right to remove any content that directly violates Instagram’s rules. It remains to be seen whether the approach will have a real positive effect for users. It is recalled that similar measures have already been taken, and that they have mainly had the effect of shadowbanning (invisibilizing) militant and artistic content.

Instagram launches its Remixes

In a completely different register, the platform also took advantage of the start of the year to finally deploy its own version of TikTok Duos. Called Remix, the feature will allow a user to react to another person’s story, Reel or post directly on video. Note that the feature will not work retroactively, so it will not be possible to “Remix” content prior to the update.

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