Install the big Windows 11 update now and discover what’s new

This is something that we can precisely see right now in the new preliminary version that is reaching the insiders of the firm. And it is that the Redmond-based firm has set out to continue evolving Windows 11 to try to convince a greater number of people. The new preview version is currently being sent to the testers registered in the company’s program with significant new functions.

Something that we must keep in mind is that here we find the first major update of Windows 11. Hence precisely the importance it has for most of those who have already migrated, or plan to do so shortly. It is for all this that we are going to talk about some of the most outstanding ones below, among which we find improvements in the controversial Taskbar, or a preview from the Amazon Appstore. At the same time, some applications included in the operating system are being redesigned to adapt to the times. It must be borne in mind that this new system has only been with us for a few weeks. During this time it has had as many users who have accepted it, as many others who have rejected it.

All the news of the big Windows 11 update

He is called to be replacement for the current Windows 10, so little by little most will migrate to the new Windows 11. Of course, Microsoft still has a lot of work to do to convince everyone to carry out this movement. That is why we are going to talk about some of the improvements and new features that have been included in the new trial version of this important operating system.

Amazon appstore with apps and games

There is no doubt that one of the main novelties that we are going to be able to enjoy here is the amazon app store. This puts at our disposal in the desktop system, over 1,000 apps and games that users will be able to use in Windows 11. It is worth saying that at the moment the aforementioned store is only available in the United States.

It can be accessed from the Microsoft Store and includes a multitude of popular apps and games to date on mobile devices. It is designed on the AndroidTM platform and we find it in the form of a new category of mobile apps and games for windows. As you can imagine, this is just another step in the rapprochement between Windows and Android that Microsoft is working on. In fact, it is expected that all this will continue to grow exponentially.

Taskbar improvements

Another element here to experience a big change is the Windows Taskbar. It has been the result of a multitude of criticisms since it appeared in Windows 11. That is why Microsoft has now made the decision to add improvements such as the possibility of mute and share any window from the aforementioned Bar. This is something that will be especially useful in all those applications related to online communications such as Teams.

On the other hand, the firm updates the entry point to the widgets to display content related to the meteorology in the left corner of the same Taskbar. This information will always be updated and available. Just hover the mouse over the icon and the Widgets panel will open.

Changes to some Windows 11 apps

The changes in Windows 11 are also going to affect some of the programs that integrate with the operating system itself. Serve as a clear example of them the newly redesigned Media Player app. This helps us to improve listening and viewing of multimedia content. Now the player focuses on a media library Full-featured for fast browsing and playback. Also, all the content of the folders with music and videos of the PC will automatically appear here.

The other program that will undergo changes will be the popular memo pad. It must be said that its user interface has been redesigned with a more current appearance and in accordance with Windows 11. It adds a dark mode and most of its menus have been simplified.

How to download the new update

As we mentioned before, in the event that we are enrolled in the Redmond firm’s insider program, we can already enjoy all this. To do this, we obviously must have the new Windows 11 in order to install the update that we have talked about here. It is worth knowing that this is something that we will achieve from the operating system’s Configuration application itself.

windows 11 update

We access it through the Win + I key combination from where we can access the section of Windows Update and download the new update. It should be offered automatically, so we only have to click on Download and install.

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