install the drivers for your graphics card step by step

This is due, to a large extent, to the fact that the most direct competition, Intel and AMD, have not done things as they should, although the latter has improved a lot in the last two years, but it still has a long way to go if it wants to become in a valid alternative for the majority of users, users who, for the most part, always opt for NVIDIA. A clear example of this trend can be found in the market share of this manufacturer, a market share that is around 90%, 88% to be more exact, in the first quarter of 2023.

Install NVIDIA drivers

As long as we want to enjoy all the features that a hardware connected to a PC makes available to us, the best way to do it, and sometimes the only way, is by using both the official drivers from the manufacturer and the software that it makes available. of all users.

In addition to graphics cards, another example is found in printer software. If we do not install the software associated with the printer, we will never be able to scan documents from Windows or with any other application. If we have just bought an NVIDIA graphics card, once installed on the computer, Windows will download the generic drivers, drivers with which we will not be able to take advantage of all the power it offers us.

To download the official drivers for NVIDIA cardswhether they continue to receive support from this manufacturer, or if they haven’t for a long time, we must access this link, where we must select the graphics card model to download both the latest version of the software and the most up-to-date drivers at that time.

Update drivers to the latest version

When it comes to updating the drivers for an NVIDIA graphics card, we have two options.

From the NVIDIA GeForce app

The NVIDIA GeForce application is the official application that NVIDIA makes available to all users of its graphics cards to manage, not just the graphics capabilities, but also the drivers that Windows uses to get the most out of it. This application is the one that we must use to download the latest available version of the drivers and who, once downloaded, will be in charge of installing them on the computer.

Update Nvidia Drivers

With Device Manager

As we have mentioned above, the driver that Windows uses to manage the graphics does not allow us to take advantage of its full potential and it is not updated periodically as the manufacturer does through the official application, so we do not need to update them. periodically. That driver is rarely updated, and when it does, it is due to a possible vulnerability in the graphics card, something that has happened very rarely.

Update the driver that Windows uses to interact with our graphics card, we access the Device Manager and click on Display adapters to then select the graphics of our computer where we have to click with the right mouse button and select the option update driver.

Update Nvidia Drivers

Uninstall NVIDIA drivers

It is very unlikely that we will have any problem with the operation of the graphics on our Windows PC if we use the original and updated drivers at all times. However, there is always the possibility. If so, and we cannot find the problem, we must delete all the files of our graphics that we have installed.

Unfortunately, this is not an option that can be done correctly using the native Windows function that allows us to uninstall applications. Fortunately, as with most of the problems that we can face using Windows, the solution is to use the application Display Driver Uninstaller.

Display Driver Uninstaller, also known as DDU, is an application that is responsible for removing each and every one of the graphics card drivers that we specify, which, in this particular case, is an NVIDIA graphics card. Once we have selected the graphic of our team, we select the option clean and reboot.

NVIDIA Uninstall DDU graphics drivers


The second manufacturer of graphics cards is AMD, an American company with more than 50 years in the market and it seems that, in the end, it has hit the key and the most recent graphics card models have begun to be seen as a real alternative to the products the NVIDIA.

Download and install AMD graphics drivers

As is the case with NVIDIA graphics and in general with any hardware component, both internal and external, if we want our PC to take our AMD graphics hand in hand, it is necessary to make use of the drivers that this veteran gave us. offered through the AMD Software application.

Although it is true that Windows is capable of recognizing these graphics without the need to use external software, We will never be able to get the most out of it without making use of the graphics designed for the card, drivers that are only available through the aforementioned application, an application that we can download through its website and which we can access through this link.

Through that, we must specify the AMD graphics model that we have installed on our computer so that, in addition to downloading the graphics management software, the most up-to-date drivers for our model are also downloaded.

Install the latest version of AMD drivers

As with any other Windows hardware component, we have two ways to update drivers, although only one of them is the recommended option.

With the official AMD Software app

The AMD Software application not only allows us to manage the operation and know the operating values ​​of our AMD graphics card, but it is also in charge of checking if our PC has installed the latest drivers and, if not, it allows us to download them automatically and update those used by Windows.

Update AMD Drivers

From Device Manager

When we first install Windows, the operating system takes care of recognizing each and every one of the components of our PC and associates each of them with a specific driver, a generic driver that allows it to be recognized and used by the system. These drivers are hardly ever updated, so it is not a good option if we want to enjoy the most up-to-date drivers and thus be able to get the most out of them.

To install the latest version of the drivers for our AMD graphic, we access the Device Manager through the Windows search box, click on the Display adapters section and then right-click on the name of the graphic of our team to select the option update driver.

Remove AMD drivers

Just like uninstalling the Windows drivers for an NVIDIA graphics card, if we want to remove all the drivers for an AMD graphics card if we plan to replace it with one from NVIDIA or Intel and we do not want the computer to have any kind of conflict with the drivers from the previous graph, we are going to use the application Display Drivers Uninstalleran application that we can download from its website.

AMD Uninstall DDU graphics drivers


The third manufacturer in contention that is practically a newcomer to the market is Intel, the veteran processor manufacturer that a few years ago decided to bet on entering the lucrative sector of graphics cards, especially when cryptocurrencies were at their peak, since the video game market is cornered by NVIDIA.

How to download Intel graphics drivers

Before entering the dedicated graphics card market, Intel, in addition to manufacturing processors, also focused its activity on manufacturing graphics that are integrated into the motherboard and continues to do so today. This graphics is more than enough to run office programs and play any type of video format, however, they are not an option to run games or perform heavy video editing processes since they barely have graphics memory.

The software that includes the drivers and the necessary software to get the most out of the NVIDIA graphics cards, specifically the graphics cards of the arc range, is called Intel Arc Control, a software that we can download through this link to its website. Through this software, we are not only going to get the most out of our Arc series graph, but we are also going to know all the information on its use values ​​at all times, adjust the best configuration of the games and, in addition, transmit through the different streaming video platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

Update drivers

Unlike NVIDIA and AMD, we have three different methods to update Intel graphics drivers, regardless of whether it’s integrated graphics on the motherboard or dedicated graphics models.

motherboard manufacturer

If we are talking about a dedicated graphics card, through the link that we have shown you above, we cannot download the most up-to-date drivers for this type of graphics card, since this software is only focused on dedicated graphics from the Arc series. To download the most up-to-date drivers for our dedicated graphics card, we must visit the support section of our motherboard manufacturer. If it is a laptop, we must perform the same operation, that is, search the website for the latest drivers available at that time.

Intel Arc Control

From the Intel Arc Control app

With the Intel Arc Control application, we can not only manage the operation of our graphics card and know its operating values ​​at all times, but also includes a function that automatically finds out if this manufacturer has released new driver versions of the graphics model that we have installed on our computer in order to download them and always have the latest version.

Using Device Manager

Once again, and as happens with NVIDIA and AMD graphics, the graphics drivers used by Windows are generic for the series to which the graphics corresponds, and, if they work correctly (which is what happens in the most of the time), they are not usually updated once they are available in the Windows driver library.

Even so, we want to make sure, we must access the Device Manager, click on Display adapter adapters, which is where this component is displayed, select the graphics model and, with the right mouse button, select the option Update driver.

Remove Intel graphics drivers

To remove the drivers for the Intel Arc graphics in addition to the drivers for the dedicated graphics, also, as with NVIDIA and AMD, we are going to use the Display Driver Update application, an application that we can download from here. Once we have installed the application, we run it, select the graph of our equipment and click on the option. clean and reboot.

Intel Arc Uninstall DDU graphics drivers

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