install this update or hackers will come after you

We use the Internet browser that we have installed on our computer for all kinds of tasks, some more delicate than others. At this time we share a lot of private and sensitive data through these online programs, so we must be very careful and cautious, as is the case with Google Chrome.

The heads of these programs in particular are fully aware of their importance. Hence they try offer us the safest products In most occasions. Of course, we must take into account that they do not always succeed, as we will see below. In these lines we are going to focus on the most used program in this sector, which is none other than Chrome.

And it is that the search giant has just launched an update for its product that solves a major browser security issue. This movement comes unexpectedly and without prior announcements due to its importance. And it is that some attacks on the Internet have already been detected, especially directed at this particular vulnerability that is being tried to be corrected.

To give you a more approximate idea of ​​what we are telling you, saying that this is a problem affects Chromium, the open source core of Chrome. Basically this means that the same error affects many other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Vivaldi. The developers of some of these programs have already released their own updates that fix the problem, as in the case of Google. In parallel, others continue to work on them.

How to update Chrome and protect yourself

The search giant itself is now informing its millions of users about the fix for this vulnerability. In fact, the company reports that it has corrected two security issues in chrome browser, one of which patches the vulnerability that we mentioned. As regards the second reported vulnerability, it has not yet been made public. This is standard Google practice when the company detects a security issue internally.

Therefore, to avoid security-related problems when moving on the Internet, the solution is simple. We only have to update the Chrome browser, for example, by typing the following in the address bar:


equally we can access this update window of the program through the Help / Information menu of Google Chrome. At that time and automatically the update process will begin to receive the latest version of the web browser. In addition, we must take into account that it is essential that we restart the program for all this to become effective.

update chrome

This means that in a matter of seconds we can have a browser fully protected against this vulnerability that could put our equipment at risk. The release of these patches is quite common for the search giant in order to protect its hundreds of millions of customers against all kinds of attacks against its product.

At the same time, Edge also has an update to fix it, as is the case with Brave. Others are still working on it like Vivaldi and Opera.

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