Install Wi-Fi in hotels: a new opportunity for the self-employed

Being able to connect to a fast and secure network It is one of the benefits that hotel guests value most. Being able to access the internet is something that is taken for granted in Spain. It may not add points in the review that we do after the establishment if the experience has been good, but it certainly subtracts a few if we have not been able to connect properly.

The proper functioning of the hotel’s Wi-Fi network is an aspect that professionals cannot afford to neglect in any case. If you are a specialist in networks and you work autonomously, you should know that not all catering establishments take for granted the importance of internet access for your customers. Offering your services to install or improve this service can be a good business opportunity. What must be considered?

  1. It is not always easy to know what is happening in a corporate network with as many access points as can be the case of a hotel. For this reason, one of the first, if not the first step, is to carry out an audit of it. Determine what adjustments are necessary in our case to offer the maximum quality, to later analyze possible deficiencies in the performance, capacity or coverage of the wireless signal.
  2. Review infrastructure. In many cases, a lack of performance can be caused by outdated equipment or poor installation. But before deciding to change the equipment, we have to clearly study what may be failing, carrying out a correct study of the location of all the wiring, antennas, access points, etc.
  3. Network monitoring. In addition to having a good infrastructure and an adequate installation, we must have the necessary tools to be able to monitor the state of the network in real time, since in this way it will be much easier for us to find possible deficiencies in its performance or bottlenecks. that are affecting a certain area.
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