Install Windows 11 on a Raspberry Pi without blinking or hacking anything

Windows on a Raspberry Pi

The process of installing the different operating systems on a Raspberry Pi has always been a complicated subject for some users. And it is not that the rest of things such as, for example, connecting some other specific component to its different connections is not a bit confusing, but considering that most of it goes directly to one of the USB, it is the software and configuration issue. more delicate.

Luckily, on the internet there is already more than one tutorial or guide that indicates step by step how to do all this. Windows 10 or Windows 11 installation process in its versions for ARM processors. So if you have a modicum of knowledge or even being careful not to skip any steps, performing a Microsoft system installation on a Raspberry Pi is possible.

Of course, as always happens at some point, if all that can be simplified even more and become practically “pressing” a button why not do it. How do you make Windows installation on a Raspberry Pi even simpler? Well with a new script called WoR-flasher.

This script performs practically the entire process without you, as a user, having to complicate your life excessively. That is, it takes care of all the necessary downloads to have all the files that the installation requires. And if you’re wondering, it doesn’t break any kind of license agreement with Microsoft.

Why do we say this, because when installing Windows on an ARM device you need a license that Microsoft only sells to OEMs. Therefore, the private user could not really have the operating system of the Redmond company if it were not through the purchase of an ARM equipment from an authorized manufacturer. (Adipex)

However, with this script that is not necessary because the installation does not require any type of serial to be performed as a disabled installation of Windows.

How to install Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi

Now that you know all this, to install Windows 10 or 11 on a Raspberry Pi you just have to use the script created for this purpose. Something that basically consists of following the steps indicated on the Github page.

The first thing is download WoR-flasher making use of the terminal command that you will execute on the Raspberry Pi itself with the Terminal tool, available in all Linux distributions, such as Raspbian. The command in question is this:

git clone

Once you have run it, the following command is the one that starts the script and the entire Windows installation process on Raspberry Pi. This process is already more graphic and the only thing necessary will be to execute this second command first:


Ready, in a matter of a few minutes and after following the indications that you will be given graphically, you will have everything ready to test Windows 11 on a Raspberry Pi. Logically with a performance according to the hardware of the device and some limitation to use Bluetooth accessories using a dongle until the support of the integrated hardware is 100%, but it is worth trying.

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