Installing and using old versions of Debian is easier than you think

The operating system is a key software element for the operation of our desktop computer. Although Windows is the undisputed leader in the sector, we can also opt for one of the many Linux distributions available, Debian is a clear example of it.

Largely thanks to the facilities and improvements that the developers of these open source systems have gradually introduced, many users give them a try. In fact, a good part of those who mistrust or do not accept the latest versions of Windows, migrate to a linux distro. Keep in mind that here we are going to find some interesting advantages over the Microsoft system. Starting with the price and going through certain types of use that are greatly simplified in these distributions.

When choosing an element of this type to install on our PC, as we say, there is a huge variety. In this case we want to focus on one of the oldest and most popular distributions out there, we refer to Debian. To give you an idea, the well-known Ubuntu which, surely it is more than familiar to most of you, is based on this. It is worth mentioning that here we are going to find everything necessary for both beginners and those most knowledgeable about Linux.

Keep in mind that many users use these open source distros to give their old computers a second life. In the same way, they are used to convert a somewhat limited PC, for example, into a media centera PC to download Torrent or a file server.

Download and install old versions of Debian

That is why they sometimes opt for distributions that are characterized by their low resource consumption of the team. In general terms, Linux systems make a more moderate consumption of PC resources than Windows. But equally there are some proposals that focus precisely on it. Similarly, we can do something similar if we opt for old versions of some of the distributions most powerful today.

With all this, what we want to tell you is that those closest to the aforementioned Debian have the possibility of continuing to use this system on an old PC without any problem. One of the possible solutions that can be carried out in this regard is to download and install an old version of the operating system. This type of movement will also help us if the newer versions are giving us some kind of problem.

In fact, the developers of this operating system themselves from their official website offer us the possibility of downloading these previous versions that we are commenting on. We only have to access the website enabled for it in order to be able to use these versions that we are commenting on. They can also be used as a curiosity to take a look at how this powerful operating system worked a few years ago. In addition, it is worth knowing that here are made available to us different architectures for each of the available versions of Debian.

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