Intel Alder Lake-HX, 16 cores and PCIe Gen5 for laptops

Intel will hold an event this week where it will present new products such as Alder Lake-HX, processors for enthusiast grade laptops, gaming and mobile workstations.

We already said at the time that Intel had achieved with Alder-Lake a highly scalable architecture on which it could add versions to cover any computational range. After presenting the “H, P, and U” series, we get another one that is higher in performance level.

Intel Alder Lake-HX, specifications

These CPUs will be the first in the series for laptops with 16 cores and 24 processing threads and a hybrid design that, as you know, combines high-performance cores for the most demanding tasks and other efficient ones for other processes where it is not needed as much.

The series is special and different from the previous ones. According to the leaked information, this series will use a BGA silicon package of the same size as the LGA socket used in the desktop series (45 x 37 mm), but reducing the height from 4.4 mm to 2 mm.

A new class of enthusiast-grade CPU that will boost power up to 55 watts and also It will be the first for laptops to support the PCIe 5.0 interface. in a total number of lanes that will rise to 48. They include DDR5 memory with XMP 3.0 profiles and a new feature called Dynamic Memory Boost. All models will support overclocking with the updated Intel Speed ​​Optimizer and Extreme Tuning utility.

As for versions, at least six are expected and some vPros with hardware-enhanced security and management that will target professional mobile workstations. Among all these CPUs, the Core i9-12950HX and Core i9-12900HX stand out, with 30 Mbytes of third-level cache and a maximum frequency that can reach the 5 GHz barrier.

As for the graphic section, say that they will include integrated Xe graphics, but in this type of CPU their influence will be negligible since the entire series will equip dedicated graphics NVIDIA, AMD or Intel Arc Alchemist themselves that we expect in this quarter.

The Intel Alder Lake-HX will be the most advanced processors that can be mounted in a laptop and will be destined for large gaming laptops or mobile workstations. We hope that Intel will present them this week at a technology event that we will give you a full account of.

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