Intel and AMD CPU sales 2021, these are the most purchased models

The data extracted goes a long way, for a very exhaustive analysis of parameters such as the sale by architecture or the evolution of the price, but without a doubt they show that the trend in terms of prices has changed, which is curious in the way that it affects sales.

Intel and AMD CPU sales in 2021: everything that goes up must come down

It is no coincidence that CPU sales were on the rise in the months of November and December of last year, mainly due to the Christmas season, but it is also true that the trend was first downward and then seemed to stabilize.

Today and since the pandemic broke out is very different and shows a sharp decline in sales, especially in the last two months. Just over 15,000 units are sold at Germany’s largest dealer, which is a sign of concern.

With all this, AMD achieves more than double the sales of Intel with its Ryzen 5000, leaving a percentage that has changed in the last month: 76% vs 24%. Intel has recovered its share and it seems that the new 11 series is appealing to consumers, since its sales have grown by 6%, these being the best of the last year.

Another trend is nothing more than the fact that AMD has stopped being a “cheap” brand in CPUs and now competes or exceeds Intel.

The price of AMD CPUs grows more than 50% and Intel reduces them

If we look at the sales revenue percentages, AMD gets a 81% of these, while Intel currently remains with 19%, therefore and with the previous data in hand we can see that it does not correspond only to a greater number of CPUs sold, but that they are also more expensive than that of its rival .

This is easily reflected if we choose the price chart, where in the last year AMD has made its CPUs more expensive to the same range a 50.1%while Intel has had the opposite fate and lowered its prices by -23.3% total. The CPUs that have fallen the most in price are the i9-10900K and i7-10700K, as they have substitutes.

As CPU that has become cheaper we have the i9-9900K with a -39.3% of its price, being today the option with the best performance / price ratio on the market for gaming. In terms of number of units sold, the Ryzen 5 5600X was victorious with 3240 units followed by the Ryzen 7 5800X and later the Ryzen 9 5900X.

In fact, the top 5 is AMD. Intel has to settle for sixth place for the i7-11700K and eighth for the i5-10400F with only 430 units sold. These data only reflect what everyone thinks: since 2019 Intel has lost market share and is in free fall, while AMD has grown and positioned itself as the leading brand, leaving aside the topic of “cheap brand” or “people’s brand”, since now their prices are higher, as happened with the AMD 64 at the time.

The trend seems to choose to turn the tables, light that yes, but the number of CPUs has dropped at AMD, the revenues follow the same path and Intel seems to pick up some steam again. We will see in the next few months how they both fare.

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