Intel announces an event for September 27, Raptor Lake-S in sight?

True to its monthly appointment, we already expected that the coming-out of Raptor Lake-S, the thirteenth generation of Intel Core, would see the light of day sometime in the third quarter of the year, with special probability between September and October, around a year after the presentation of Alder Lake-S, which took place at the end of October last year, more specifically on the 26th. It could be just a year later, but it could also be earlier, depending on AMD’s plans with its next generation.

And finally it seems that this is going to be the case, as the company itself has confirmed, Intel will hold Intel Innovation, an event dedicated to innovation on September 27 and 28. Two days with a very full agenda, from what we can see, which will cover AI and data science, 5G, security, modern client computing, and other cutting-edge and very interesting technology areas. The main speakers of the event will be Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel and Greg Lavender, chief technology officer, senior vice president and general manager of the company, two very heavyweights of the same.

There is, on the web, no mention of Raptor Lake-Sbut both the presence of Gelsinger and Lavender, as well as the fact that last year the official presentation of Alder Lake-S took place in a similar event, together with the fact that the dates fit like a glove in the schedule, are reasons more than Enough to put your hand in the fire and say that the thirteenth generation of Intel Core will see the light just 11 months after the twelfth.


With just over two months to go, we already have an interesting volume of information about Raptor Lake-S, information that we compiled in this special published last week, and that we can complement with data from a recently leaked test, which points because the performance of the Core i9-13900K points to a huge increase over its predecessor, thus confirming that Intel already has fully mastered the hybrid architecture which has debuted in the current generation.

The AMD Ryzen 7000 would see the light, in principle, on September 15, which would explain the date chosen by Intel for the presentation of Raptor Lake-S, less than two weeks later. Thus, we can expect that after the holidays, more performance test results for both platforms will begin to filter, anticipating an autumn that aims to be very, very intense, in terms of processors and graphics cards.

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