Intel begins to lower prices: two i5 and one i7 are on sale!

War drums are heard, there is no doubt about that and when this happens there are movements in the market to begin to adjust things. Intel Alder Lake-S, delayed or not, will presumably arrive before the end of the year and therefore the coup to boost sales and empty stock has not been long in coming. The blue giant and PcComponentes have put on offer three Intel CPUs, two i5 and one i7, Run they fly!

As is everything related to semiconductors, seeing an offer is practically like seeing a miracle. Nobody gives a millimeter and only with the pretext explained above we see price drops, then the settlement arrives and then goodbye to the stock of the product to find its successor. If you are one of those who refuses to overpay for a new generation of processors and above all, for DDR5, this opportunity will come to you that is not even painted.

Cleanup Begins After AMD Move: Intel CPU Offer


Two weeks ago the Reds launched offers for their top-of-the-range processors within the mainstream. Intel did not move a tab, since its processors were cheaper than those of its rival, but now it is fighting back with offers in the mid-range for its i5-10600K, i5-11600K and i7-11700K. How much have each one gone down?

Intel Core i5-10600K


We are facing the reference processor in the mid-range of the tenth generation of Intel. Based on the Comet Lake architecture and launched in mid-2020, what we will find is a processor with a 14 nm ++ lithography that will house 6 cores and 12 threads at a base frequency of 4.1 GHz with a Boost of 4.8 GHz.

Its TDP is 125 watts, but it can be set to 95 watts to consume and heat less, which will lower the base frequency to 3.8 GHz. Its support for RAM memory without overclock is in DDR4-2666 with a maximum of 128 GB, which can be shared with your UHD 630 iGPU.

Regarding its price, we went from 225.47 euros to 216.89 euros.

Intel Core i5-11600K


The successor to the processor already described comes with superior performance thanks to the Rocket Lake architecture, currently being the last of the blue giant for the gaming processor market.

He also carries the 14 nm ++ under his belt for his 6 cores and 12 threads, except that now the base frequency decreases to 3.9 GHz in exchange for increasing the Boost to 4.9 GHz, all keeping the 125 watts TDP.

Another aspect where there is improvement is in that of DDR4, since now the IMC can support speeds of up to 3200 MHz on Dual Channel. Its iGPU is also renewed and now integrates a UHD 750 at 1.3 GHz with 32 EU. And its price? Well, we start from 279.46 euros at a modest 253.88 euros.



With this CPU, Intel offers are dismissed for now. Here again we have Intel’s 11 Gen Rocket Lake architecture, but in this case we find an 8-core processor with 16 threads at a base frequency of 3.6 GHz and a Boost of 5 GHz, where it maintains the TDP of its lower 125-watt sibling despite having 4 more running threads.

It also shares the characteristics in IMC such as the DDR4-3200 or the UHD 750 at 1.3 GHz, so there are no changes in these terms other than the frequencies and the total number of cores themselves. In return, it is the CPU that has the greatest discount, since it goes from costing 411.96 euros to 369.90 euros, a fall of 10%.

And so far Intel’s offer for its mid-range and mid-high-end gaming CPUs. They won’t last long!

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