Intel challenges AMD’s Threadripper with these 38-core CPUs

According to an alleged slide leaked and shared on social media since April, Intel Xeon W-3300 processors are expected to have up to 38 cores Sunny cove, and yet we know that the firm’s Ice Lake architecture is capable of providing up to 40 cores as seen in the third-generation Xeon scalable processors already released. We suspect that the manufacturer wants to avoid cannibalization of their own product, but their price tag will make them excellent rivals for the new generation. AMD Threadripper.

Intel Ice Lake Xeon W CPU Specifications

Processor Price Cores / Threads Maximum speed (GHz) Cache (MB) Model number
ProcessorThreadripper Pro 3995WX Price$ 5,489.99 Cores / Threads64/128 Maximum speed (GHz)4.2 Cache (MB)256 Model number100-100000087WOF
ProcessorXeon W-3375 * Price$ 6,196.32 Cores / Threads38/76 Maximum speed (GHz)4.0 Cache (MB)57 Model numberCD8068904691401
ProcessorThreadripper Pro 3975WX Price$ 2,749.99 Cores / Threads32/64 Maximum speed (GHz)4.2 Cache (MB)128 Model number100-100000086WOF
ProcessorXeon W-3365 * Price$ 5,295.97 Cores / Threads? Maximum speed (GHz)4.0 Cache (MB)48 Model numberCD8068904691303
ProcessorThreadripper Pro 3955WX Price$ 1,148.99 Cores / Threads16/32 Maximum speed (GHz)4.3 Cache (MB)64 Model number100-100000167WOF
ProcessorXeon W-3345 * Price$ 2,930.00 Cores / Threads? Maximum speed (GHz)4.0 Cache (MB)36 Model numberCD8068904691101
ProcessorXeon W-3335 * Price$ 1,465.58 Cores / Threads? Maximum speed (GHz)4.0 Cache (MB)24 Model numberCD8068904708401
ProcessorXeon W-3323 * Price$ 1,071.45 Cores / Threads? Maximum speed (GHz)4.0 Cache (MB)twenty-one Model numberCD8068904708502

In the table above you can see the comparison of the new Intel Ice Lake Xeon W processors (those marked with an asterisk have the final specifications yet to be confirmed) compared to the AMD Threadripper processors. As seen through Twitter user momomo_us, CompSource has included chips from the Xeon W-3300 line starting with the W-3323 for a price of $ 1,071 and completing the W-3375 for $ 6,196.

Compared to the existing Xeon W-3200 (Cascade Lake) family, we’re looking at a 36% increase in core count, plus all the benefits that the manufacturer’s new microarchitecture will bring. In addition to maximizing the number of cores, Ice Lake also increases the maximum amount of L3 cache up to 57MB, a 48% increase compared to the Xeon W-3200 series.

Unfortunately, the source has not revealed the full specifications of the Xeon W-3300 parts. Given the amount of L3 cache in the Xeon W-3375, we expect it to be the flagship of this generation of processors, which would feature 38 cores and 76 threads. Yes there are several Xeon W-3300 CPUs with a maximum clock speed of 4 GHz, giving credence to the specifications of the supposed leaked slide.

Intel Xeon

The Xeon W-3300s should be more efficient than the previous generation W-3200s, as the former takes advantage of the new 10nm process node versus 14nm for the latter. Note that Intel is using the first generation 10nm manufacturing process for the W-3300 processors, which could account for the relatively low operating frequencies compared to the potential we might expect. Clock speeds should improve with downstream processors that will use the 10nm SuperFin compute node.

There has been no news on the front about Ice Lake-X, which means that Intel could leave the high-end desktop community (HEDT) in the lurch this generation; lacking an Ice Lake-X lineup, the Xeon W-3300 series is likely to be the one to take on AMD’s AMD Threadripper (Pro) 3000 that drive Zen 3 cores… Xeon W-3300 offers similar features, but when AMD has their next generation ready they are obviously going to be far behind.

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