Intel: chip shortage will last until 2023

In the current chip shortage situation, what companies like Intel can say about it should be taken into account, since the knowledge they have about the state of the market is privileged, since they are fundamental actors. This does not mean, of course, that they have the gift of infallibility, because in such complex situations, there are many factors that can change, completely modifying the expected scenarios.

Even so, it is most likely that the perspective they have, at least with a view to a year, does prove to be the most reliable, so the interview granted by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger to CNBC leaves us with a somewhat bitter taste in the mouth. And it is that in said conversation claims chip shortage will last until 2023, thus worsening some forecasts, also originating from companies in the sector that consider (or at least did so until recently) that the situation would be solved sometime in 2022.

The situation for the Intel executive, however, it will not be similar throughout the year. Instead, what the CEO of the company points to is that as the quarters of next year go by, we will see improvements. The problem is that even if the supply increases, it will still not be enough to satisfy the existing demand:

We are at worst now; every quarter of next year, we will gradually improve, but they will not have a balance between supply and demand until 2023”.

So now the key would be to know the level of recovery that the market will experience throughout 2023In other words, if from the first or second quarter we can expect obvious signs of recovery or if, on the contrary, it will not be until the end of next year when we begin to see clearly that evolution in the volume of supply. Unfortunately, but also understandably, the CEO of Intel has not spun so fine that we can make estimates on this.

So, we will have to stay tuned for new statements in this regard, both from Intel and other technology companies such as AMD, TSMC, Qualcomm, etc., as they will indicate the market trends and, therefore, what we can expect as the year progresses. However, if you are considering updating your PC or changing equipment and you have the opportunity, do not miss it, otherwise it is possible that the wait could be eternal.

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