Intel closes collaboration with Snowflake

It is official, Intel has confirmed the arrival of Snowflake to the Intel Disruptor Initiative program, through which a collaboration between the two companies is established that will allow, according to the chip giant, offer major improvements both in terms of performance and flexibility in multiple public clouds through Snowflake’s Data Cloud solution, which is based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

As many of our readers will know, Snowflake’s Data Cloud arrived in our country in 2019, so we can easily access your different solutions in Spain. In terms of its services, Snowflake’s data cloud solution is developed in multiple infrastructures, which translates into important advantages, such as high scalability and almost unlimited concurrency, in addition to high-performance instances, with all that this implies for both small and large companies.

Intel and Snowflake have already started performance testing in the cloud using different hardware instances and specific workloads. These tests will result in a series of very important reports, with which Snowflake will have all the data it needs to optimize your instances in the short term. Intel, for its part, will also be able to take advantage of these tests to design, and manufacture, new chips that deliver significant performance improvements with those workloads through specialization.

Justin Fitzhugh, Snowflake’s VP of Cloud Engineering, commented on this new collaboration:

«Collaborating together, Intel and Snowflake provide optimal performance to our common customers. For us, that is the goal. Anything we can do to improve our price-performance ratio will benefit our end customers, and it’s great working with Intel to do just that. “

For his part, Arijit Bandyopadhyay, CTO at Intel’s Datacenter and AI Group, said:

“When those we collaborate with grow, Intel grows. Intel engineering teams help innovative disruptors take advantage of the latest Intel products along with leading software optimizations and silicon engineering to optimize critical workloads in all deployment models. Together with teams like Snowflake engineering, we can reach new heights in accelerating SQL queries while innovating next-generation hyperscaler instance designs on major cloud providers. “

With this, Intel maintains its strategy of prioritizing software, focusing on openness, choice, and trust. In this sense, alliances with independent software providers are essential, since allow to optimize the software, and this helps Intel get a little closer to its goal of becoming the most powerful silicon-level solution in both edge and cloud computing.

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