Intel Core i5-11400 CPU Sale Has Never Been So Cheap!

At the moment in which we are with the CPUs, the least we can do is rejoice in what is happening, because we users have to continue to suffer from the high prices of graphics cards. The processor market was very quiet until the arrival of the Core 12, which has revolutionized everything and consequently Intel is lowering prices. For this reason, today we have the i5-11400 on offer with a historical minimum price. Seeing is believing!

If we look back around these dates last year, we will remember that this processor was launched on the market with a price of around 200 euros, with its MSRP being 182 dollars. A year later Alder Lake has changed everything and now we can enjoy the generational power of this Core 11 at a price that we couldn’t believe when we saw it.

Intel Core i5-11400 offer, rise to the top 5

And it is that in terms of benefits per euro spent with this offer we have to admit that this processor has climbed several positions to be placed if not in the TOP 5, perhaps in the top 3 of the most profitable. It is true that the table is led by the i3-12100F, but it is an unbeatable CPU at the moment and by far.

After this would come the 12400F and there the war rages on with this i5-11400 at the current price. Understanding the environment in which we move, what does this CPU really offer? We start from six core with architecture Rocket Lake which with Hyper Threading you get 12 threadswhich achieve a base frequency of 2.6GHz.

His Boost increases to 4.4GHz through ITB 2.0, where 12 MB of L3 are also added, which will have 8 GT/s to pour or retrieve/store information. These data give an official TDP of 65 wattswhich is easily coolable with low or mid-range heatsinks, to which must be added that it is a soldered processor, so the heat transfer will be the best available as standard.

A very complete processor


The specifications are completed with the ability to support up to 128GB of DDR4-3200 (speed without overclocking logically) through two RAM channels, which will obtain in said frequency 50GB/s.

As if this were not enough we will have an iGPU Intel UHD 730 containing 24 UEs at a base frequency of 350 MHz with a Boost of 1.3GHz. As we surely know, this processor has PCIe 4.0 for our external graphics card with up to 16 lines for it plus 4 lines with the same version for an SSD under this bus.

For completeness we have to emphasize support for DL ​​Boost, Optane, VT-x, VT-d, OS Guard and Boot Guard as key features of this Rocket Lake architecture.

Now, and we assume that until there are units, we can find the offer of this i5-11400 at a price of €169.94, a discount of 31% compared to 247.25 euros in which it was yesterday. As you blink a lot you run out of it!

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