Intel Could Boost DDR5 Adoption With Raptor Lake

We live in a time in which DDR5 is gaining space, but the presence of DDR4 is still overwhelmingly majority, and it may Intel has in its plans to accelerate the adoption of the new standard, as we can read in TechPowerUp. And for this purpose, according to said text, the technology would be working so that the manufacturers of 700 series motherboards for its next generation of processors, Raptor Lake, mostly opt for DDR5.

This is not something that should surprise us, actually, since prior to the official release of Alder Lake, this possibility was speculatedalthough the low and expensive supply of DDR5 memory at that time must have acted as a brake on Intel’s plans, which would have decided to delay this movement until the thirteenth generation of Intel Core.

In the current situation, DDR5 memory availability is significantly wider than it was when the twelfth generation was released, although their prices are still substantially higher than those of DDR4 memory. However, it is expected that any movement aimed at accelerating its adoption will translate into an increase in its supply, which in turn will result in a certain drop in prices. And it makes sense that those are precisely Intel’s plans.

However, even if the company wants to force the adoption of DDR5, this does not mean that it will not be possible to use a combination of Raptor Lake and DDR4 memory, which will continue to be fully supported by Intel processors, except for a very big surprise. Thus, now the ball is in the court of motherboard manufacturers, who will have to assess whether to follow Intel’s recommendations in this regard or, on the contrary, whether to respond to the massive presence of DDR4 memory on the market by offering motherboards. latest generation that use the latter.

It may seem a bit early for this, but in reality we must bear in mind that the work of design, development and production of the plates that will arrive to support Raptor Lake is a work of months, so lThe engineering teams of these companies must have been working on it for some time. Thus, probably these companies, like Intel, will be working with predictions about what the situation of the RAM market will be by the end of this year, when the first Intel Core-i processors begin to arrive. n13xxxx.

It does seem, however, that building your own PC will be a bit more expensive when it comes to memory. However, the correction in the prices of graphics cards and other components will surely compensate for this increase, and in addition the difference in system performance will make it a worthwhile jump.

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