Intel CPUs and GPUs: Ahead of AMD and on par with NVIDIA?

He started at the bottom, with little hope and almost no hope to compete against his rival, but today everything is changing rapidly and the message that arrives is one of much more optimism. Intel Alder Lake and Xe-HPG seem on paper worthy candidates for their respective natural enemies, will Intel be ahead of AMD and at the height of NVIDIA? Pat Gelsinger answers.

Three major Zen philosophy announcements: Pat Gelsinger, Alder Lake and Xe

It was in an interview with financial analyst Pierre Ferragu that Pat Gelsinger revealed some interesting details about what is to come in just a few months. According to the CEO of the blue giant, what is to come is really interesting and will bring three news that will change the course of the company:

Will there be a Zen moment for Intel?

We have several things going on here. We are implementing the heterogeneous architecture that is the fundamental part of Alder Lake CPUs, where we have large and small nuclei (big.LITTLE), you know that AMD only has one type of them. We will have a higher performance and a more energy efficient version of the core, quite convincing, we have our GPU architecture where we will start to be in a position to really push NVIDIA for the first time.

And we are designing our IPU architecture for our NICs and smart grid structures, so this week we have three major architectural announcements that we think are pretty Zen.

And believe me, we have some that are still being cooked in the labs that we hope to talk to people about and that we think are quite an important step forward, almost dramatic, and far beyond anything that has been talked about. Won’t be talked about for a couple of years, but the innovation, you know, the geek is back.

Optimism at Intel undoubtedly, which has generated a lot of interest, since although AMD is going to fight back with Zen 3+ and NVIDIA is highly positioned with Ampere and its GPUs, Gelsinger seems to have it very clear.

A Statement of Intent against NVIDIA and AMD

AMD vs Intel vs NVIDIA

There is always talk, there are always rumors, leaks and speculation, we know how it works and it will continue to do so. But for a CEO to issue statements of this caliber is another matter entirely.

If the data is true, AMD will have to give everything to compete with Alder Lake and NVIDIA would have a tough nut to crack if the Archemist Xe are competitive in gaming and especially in price, since as we saw last week both TSMC like samsung they raise their prices and therefore both companies will, in theory, sell their most expensive products to users.

Intel is going to assume the losses and offer stability to its customers, which could translate into more competitive prices, which in many cases is the determining factor despite the fact that the performance was not as expected. Will Intel really compete as its CEO claims or is it pure “hype”?

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