Intel delays the sale of its ARC graphics cards for laptops

Intel is getting something really hard to do, and that is getting people to talk more about their graphics card lag than their graphics card performance. And this has a very big basic problem, since we are currently a week after the official presentation of the ARC 3 in the same situation as back then: blank. And it seems that what was seen and commented on at the event is not going to come true, since Intel delays its ARC graphics until…

With nothing in sight and apparently we will be like this for a long time, which is curious if we take into account Intel’s statements from just a month and a half ago. What seemed like a promise has been transformed into a release on paper that does nothing but give rise to plots without meaning or foundation, especially if we take into account that it has been Intel itself that has chosen the deadlines and now has to retract one more time. What is really happening?

A new arrival date… Known

The presentation of the entire range of ARC graphics cards for laptops will bring a queue. It has been Intel itself that on Twitter has launched the answer to a user’s question about the arrival in stores of the first laptops with their graphics cards: end of the second quarter of this year.

— Intel Support (@IntelSupport) April 6, 2022

In other words, the first models to arrive will arrive at end of June or possibly and seen what was seen, early July, that is, in the middle of summer. This completely clashes with both the slides shown and the company’s claims that they would be available, at least the Low-end ARC 3, already in stores. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Intel delays its ARC graphics, but… Which ones exactly?

And here comes the total controversy, and it is that as we see the tweet does not refer to any specific series and the worst thing is that the company has not clarified anything, deleted said tweet or affirmed that it refers to the series 5 and 7 that, indeed, would arrive later for reasons that were not confirmed either.

Therefore, we must go to the facts and what we can see and touch, where the empirical shows a desert of models in stores.

models of graphics cards developed by intel for laptops

But let’s go further, since laptops like the Swift X or the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro that were announced as the first to reach the market with ARC GPU, the latter specified with ARC 3 to his credit, as there is no trace of they online and even the first retailers that listed them to allow reservations now give delayed dates.

Curiously, these dates now apparently rise from the end of May to mid-June, a post-presentation movement that is not understood and where Intel returns to not answer so many questions beyond the present official statement. Therefore, and given this, a date closer to those specified cannot be expected, we will see if it is finally a punctual delay of just over a week or is it another fiasco of the company after a presentation that aroused much interest.

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