Intel distributes Alder Lake processors for laptops

Intel has started the distribution of Alder Lake for Laptops equipment manufacturers. They will be the next to hit the market after the launch of the desktop models and together with the versions with a locked multiplier that will also be marketed in early 2022, they will complete the twelfth generation of Core processors.

The Alder Lake for laptops (Alder Lake-P) are even more important to OEMs than those released so far for desktops under the S-series. If the sale of desktops (assembled by manufacturers) has plummeted over the last decade, The large group of laptops, which includes convertibles and 2-in-1s, has continued to grow in recent years, they were the star PC during the COVID lockdowns and are the ones that truly sustain the personal computer market.

Considering that Intel has more than 80% mobile x86 CPUs, it stands to reason that Gregory Bryant, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Client Computing Group Division, welcomed you on Twitter: «We have started selling high-performance mobile processors«:

Alder Lake for Laptops

If we give truth to the benchmarks leaked so far, these new processors will adequately compete with Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max developments. And it is that the transition from x86 to ARM that the Cupertino firm has started is being followed by the minute by the technology industry to what you can assume if the rest of the manufacturers follow suit. The big problem is that not all of them have the capacity of Apple and its ease of integration with the software due to the use of a closed ecosystem. We mainly think about that Windows on ARM that doesn’t quite work.

Until that happens (if it happens) we will have x86 for a while and the new from Intel points out ways. Although not all of the models that this platform will offer are known, we do know that Alder Lake-P will include SKUs that were previously part of the U and H subfamilies.

The entry-level will include two P cores (high performance) and eight E cores (efficiency), while the high-end will combine the 8 E cores with 6 P cores, higher amount of cache memory, higher working frequencies and integrated Intel Xe graphics engines with 96 execution units.

Precisely, if there is a product group where the hybrid architecture that Intel has opted for this generation can stand out, it is that of laptops, where performance is needed, but also high energy efficiency that limits consumption, noise and emission of heat, while allowing a autonomy reasonable. And more than the desktops, these Alder Lake for laptops will be compared directly to the Mac ARMs.

We will wait for the official announcement from Intel that will surely take place at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Along with the reinforcement of the desktop catalog with CPUs that do not have the multiplier unlocked and also a preview of what will come for servers and workstations.

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