Intel dominates the global GPU market, without launching a gaming model!

You can’t say that for GPU and graphics card makers this past year has been bad at all. It is true that there has been a mining bubble, which has left fans of PC games anchored with their old graphics card, but both the demand from mining farms and the purchase of new equipment as an effect collateral of the pandemic has benefited all market agents.

So much so that in the Q2 2021 period, or second quarter, the joint turnover in the GPU market rose to $ 11.8 billion Americans and is a product of the high demand and high prices at which the graphics card market is moving. Let’s see how the market situation for both integrated and dedicated GPUs was during that quarter

How many PCs were sold in Q2 2021?

During Q2 2021 of 2021 the number of GPUs that were sold reached the 123 million units, which according to Jon Peddie Research results in an increase of 42% compared to the same period last year and 3.5% compared to the previous quarter and they expect that 3,318 million GPUs have been sold in the period from 2020 to 2025.

Taking into account that a large number of CPUs are APUs with an integrated GPU, there is no doubt that they are the graphics cards that are sold the most, and that is that the high demand for low-cost computers and in tablet format has reached 3.4% additional from one quarter to another.

Q2 2020 market share

If we already talk about graphics cards for PC, we find that the market share has decreased by 2.9%. However, according to Jon Peddie Research, despite this small reduction in sales of gaming graphics cards, it is expected that for the next five years a quarter of PC users will have a dedicated GPU mounted, regardless of whether they use a laptop or a computer. desktop computer.

In any case, and as you can see, the company that sells the most GPUs is neither NVIDIA nor AMD, but Intel with 68.3% of the market, which corresponds to the GPUs built into their APUs. AMD instead has only one 13.4% of the market of integrated GPUs, but the two combined account for more than three-quarters of the global market.

The war between NVIDIA and AMD is still stalled


The Gaming GPU market at the moment, and waiting for Intel to release its ARC Alchemist, is so far only a matter of NVIDIA and AMD, where in the current market situation we find that NVIDIA has long had an overwhelming majority of the market . AMD’s efforts with its RX 6000 to grab share from NVIDIA seem to be paying off, as in this zero-sum game AMD has gained three points, going from 17% market share in the second quarter of 2020 to a 20% in the same period of 2021. Despite advances from AMD, NVIDIA continues to dominate the dedicated graphics market with an iron fist by controlling 80% of it.

In any case, the bulk of the market for AMD GPUs comes from both those integrated into their APUs and those used by new generation consoles, with a joint market share higher than that of PC graphics cards, but with much lower profit per unit sold.

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