Intel has 100 unused pins in its new gaming CPUs, what are they hiding?

The socket is one of the most important parts for a CPU, since it is literally the socket of the same and it serves to communicate it with the different elements in the motherboard. From memory access, peripherals, expansion buses and even communication between the PDN and the VRMs installed on the same PCB.

Intel preparing a new socket with the LGA-1800?

LGA-1800 socket

From the hand of several industry insiders we receive information about a new Intel socket, which has been baptized under the name LGA-1800, but that it would not be more than a variant of the LGA-1700, since it would retain the same dimensions, since it has a size of 37.5 mm wide, but more than 45 mm high. Measures that by the way will make all the heatsinks for CPUs on the current market completely out of date.

The mystery of the LGA-1800 socket is that it would not be a new type of mount for the processor, but the only difference will be that will have support for 100 additional pins. This at first glance may make us think that it would be a socket for a new processor such as the future Raptor Lake of the thirteenth generation or the Meteor Lake of the fourteenth, but nothing is further from the truth, since despite the name of LGA -1700, the socket supports up to 1800 interconnects with the CPU.

So what would the extra 100 pins be used for? It will obviously be in new functionalities on the motherboardLet’s not forget that Raptor Lake will add the possibility of connecting LPDDR5X and the renewed power management of the processor in the form of the DLVR and it is more possible that Intel will add other improvements in future generations of the processor.

Intel 700 motherboards for Raptor Lake or beyond?


It is common for a processor to be accompanied by not only a chipset, but also a corresponding socket and with it specific motherboards, so we should not rule out that Pat Gelsinger’s men launch a new generation of motherboards for their CPUs with Raptor Lake architecture, something that should not be surprising since Intel releases a new generation of the chipset with each new processor.

In any case, the LGA-1800 Socket is also compatible with the LGA-1700 processors. should not pose a compatibility issue for Intel Gen 12 based CPUs when mounting them in the socket with 100 extra pins. There would simply be 100 interconnects that would not make contact in the socket. What this does translate into is that the motherboards are Socket LGA-1700, you will not be able to use the unique functions that later processors include.

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