Intel hires Robert Hallock as Senior Director of Technical Marketing

The chip giant has hired Robert Hallock, a fairly well known professional who was at AMD for twelve years, where he worked as Director of Technical Marketing. At Intel he will have the same role, since it has been confirmed that he will occupy the position of Senior Director of Technical Marketing, so his role will be identical in general terms.

One of the most important tasks that Robert Hallock performed when he was at AMD was the explanation of the most important keys, from a technical perspective but close and easy to understand even for users with little knowledge, of the most important keys of Ryzen processors.

We could highlight many moments, but without a doubt, among the most memorable are his interventions on Reddit, where he even went so far as to explain what was the best method to apply thermal paste, and also his explanation of 3D stacked L3 cacheone of the most important technologies that AMD has recently developed, since it has allowed it to greatly improve the performance of its processors in different scenarios.

Following his departure from AMD, Robert Hallock took a rather long break, and it has ended in rather surprising fashion. It has been he who has confirmed that he joins Intel as Senior Director of Technical Marketing, and that he will focus on a very important aspect, artificial intelligence applied to consumer processors.

As many of our readers will know, artificial intelligence has become one of the most important advances in the technology sector, and its application to different sectors also involves deepening adoption in the general consumer market.

processors Intel Meteor Lake they will be one of the most important bets of the chip giant in this sense, although it remains to be seen how far Intel is capable of going with this technology in said market, and what practical applications it ends up having.

Right now we can find different areas of application of AI in the general consumer market via CPU that are interesting, although in general terms these were limited to introducing video call improvements. Thus, for example, with the Intel Evo platform we can enjoy bidirectional noise cancellation, improvements in focus and image quality, and remote device blocking (Intel Visual Sensing), among others.

We’ll see how Hallock’s work evolves in his new role at Intel, but as I said at the beginning we can almost take it for granted that his work will be very similar to what he did at AMD. This is not the first time that a former AMD has joined the ranks of Intela few years ago he jumped on the bandwagon of chip giant Raja Koduri, who ended up voluntarily leaving the company a few months ago to form his own company.

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