Intel hit by inflation, Facebook is testing a new feature, this is the recap

Intel is forced to increase its prices because of inflation, Facebook wants its users to create personalized profiles, Windows 12 which could arrive as soon as 2024 on our computers, this is the summary!


The inflation currently plaguing the planet affects everyone. Production costs are also increasing and Intel is now forced to raise the price of its products. Facebook is entering the age of personalization. The social network giant will thus encourage its users to create personalized profiles. Finally, Microsoft is messing up its update schedule and this indicates that Windows 12 could be deployed in 2024. Here we go, we tell you everything you missed on July 15.

Intel is forced to raise the price of its processors and components

Because of the general inflation that affects the whole world and because of the increase in production costs for most companies in the world, Intel has announced a sharp price increase on almost all of its products. And it would be more particularly the brand processors that would be most affected of all. Forecasters expect an increase that is between 10 and 20%. This could start from this fall.

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Facebook wants to encourage its users to use personalized profiles

It’s time for something new at Facebook. Or rather to diversification. The company wants to increase personalization for users. Concretely, Facebook is currently testing a feature that aims to offer up to five different profiles on the social network, all with a single account. If this innovation is confirmed, a user will thus be able – from his one and only account – to manage a profile on sports, another on cooking and so on.

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Windows 12 could arrive in 2024, report says

A report of Windows Central just revealed Microsoft’s plans. The latter plans in particular to return to the delivery of new versions of Windows every three years, as Windows used to do before. With this calendar shift, and knowing that Windows 11 will be released in 2021, we can therefore logically expect that the new Windows 12 version is scheduled for 2024.

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