Intel increases memory by 50% in its new Core 13 processors

You may have initially thought that the leak we saw in January was a bit “crazy” since it was too early for something so specific, but it was totally real. The filtering was completely correct and what we are going to see is a 50% increase in the L2 and L3 caches, curiously maintaining the L1.

Intel Raptor Lake and cache: +50% in Core 13

The first thing we must take into account is that we are talking about a greater number of total cores, specifically up to 24 between E-Cores and P-Cores. Being specific, the highest-end Core 13 (supposedly i9-13900K) will have 8 cores P-Core and 16 E-Corewhich doubles the amount of the latter and maintains the number of the former.

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Therefore, we will see how the configuration of L1 remains intact with a L1D with 8 x 48 KB + 16 x 32 KB and one L1I with 8 x 32 KB + 16 x 64 KB respectively, making a total of 2,176KB for the entire L1 cache. This number increases, but it does so because there are more cores as such, maintaining parity with Alder Lake in each of them.

In the L2 things change, we go from 1.25 MB for the P-Core cores to 2 MB, and from 2 MB in the E-Core to 4 MB in a configuration for the first 8 clusters for the first (2MB per core) and four clusters for the latter (4 MB shared per cluster). As if that were not enough, the L3 is shared and goes from 30 MB to no less than 36MB total.

An astonishing total count: 32 MB of L2 and 36 MB of L3

The sum is simple at this point: 68 MB of total cache without adding the L1 where there are no changes as such other than the amount named. In other words, we went from 44 MB in total with Alder Lake for these two caches to 68MB of Raptor Lakean increase of 54.54%. Also, Raptor Lake will have better latency than Alder Lake as you scale in cache block size, so performance will take off quite a bit here.

As seen in the diagram in a simpler way, the architecture will actually have the cache assigned per core as follows: 2 MB for each Raptor Cove Core and 1 MB for each Gracemont Coreie Intel has put a 2:1 parity between P-Cores and E-Cores for the L2.

On the other hand, with the L3, a different and parity guideline is followed for each 3 MB cluster, but individually speaking we have 3MB for each P-Core Raptor Cove and 1.33MB for each Gracemont E-Core. This shows that E-Core need a lot of L2 cache and are very little dependent on L3.

Therefore, it is speculated that the Core 14 Meteor Lake Being a major architectural leap, these proportions will change again, but only for the E-Cores, which seem to follow a similar path in their L2 and L3, going down from 4 MB for the first to 3MBwhich should increase the size of the second to compensate for the imbalance produced.

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