Intel Innovation will be held on September 19: Raptor Lake Refresh and other news

The chip giant has confirmed that it will celebrate Intel Innovation on September 19. This event is one of the most important within the general consumer market, because in it we will discover the most important news of the upcoming products that the Santa Clara company plans to launch.

Among the most relevant novelties that we hope to see at said event, the new Core Gen14 processors for desktops stand out, without a doubt. According to the latest information that we have been seeing, everything indicates that in the end Intel will not launch versions of Meteor Lake for the desktop, and that it would cover the gap with the processors Intel Raptor Lake Refresh.

This would be a jug of cold water because, in the end, Meteor Lake represents a great generational leap both by manufacturing process (Intel 4) and in terms of IPC, since it uses new architectures in high-performance and high-efficiency cores. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear that this generation will be exclusive to small and compact laptops and PCs.

Raptor Lake Refresh will keep the Raptor Cove architecture on the high-performance cores, and also the Gracemont architecture on the high-efficiency cores. There will be no changes in the number of cores and threads either, so in the end the only differences that we would see in this new generation of processors would be given, in theory, by an increase in work frequencies and by the higher DDR5 memory support. frequency.

Current motherboards, equipped with LGA1700 socket, will be compatible with these new Intel processors, although it will be necessary to perform a BIOS update. This has caused a bit of a stir, and has led some to think that Raptor Lake Refresh could include some more important innovation, such as the jump to the Crestmont architecture in the high-efficiency cores, but it seems unlikely to me, really.

On the other hand, we also expect to see the presentation of new GPUs that will be a refresh of the Arc Alchemist series, and which is provisionally identified as Arc Alchemist+. As you may have imagined, they will use the same architecture as the chip giant’s current generation of graphics cards, so we don’t expect major changes in terms of performance or consumption.

However, it is possible that Intel will introduce new configurations with different specifications to better cover the low-end market and the mid-range market. Currently the company only has three products on the market, the Arc A380, which covers the low-end, and the Arc A750 and A770, which cover the mid-range.

With all this on the table, we would not have a true generational renewal of Intel CPUs and GPUs until 2024, the date on which the launch of Arrow Lake and of Arc Battlemage. Keep in mind that right now Intel’s roadmap is not entirely clear, and therefore changes could occur.

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