Intel might have accidentally pushed up the price of Xe Arc GPUs

Like any other contest, Intel has launched a small competition in which users can win one of their new Intel Xe Arc GPUs along with some promotional items and other prizes. However, looking a little further, in its terms and conditions, Intel details the estimated value and availability of each of the prizes, leaving us practically with the prices and final release date of its next high-end graphics cards.

With a prize pool of no less than $ 430,000 to be shared among 3,300 lucky people, the company offers a grand prize based on an Intel Arc “Premium” GPU, along with some merchandise and gift cards with six months of access to the Xbox Game Pass service. With up to one hundred winners, the prize is estimated at $ 900, so if we subtract the already known fee of $ 60 from Microsoft, along with a rough estimate of about $ 50 to $ 100 for the rest of the products, we have a graph between 740 and 790 dollars, below 750 euros to change.

But that is not all. And it is that in addition to this great prize, we will have a podium that will offer for the 200 winners of their first place, an Intel GPU focused on “performance”, along with some products and three months of Xbox Game Pass. A prize valued at $ 700, which again subtracting the approximation from the rest of the products, would leave us with a GPU of approximately $ 570 to $ 620, this time without even reaching 550 euros, as planned.

Unfortunately, although these are undoubtedly really interesting prices, the current shortage of components and In the situation of accumulators and resellers, it is almost obvious to say that these GPUs will not sell under their recommended starting price for too long.

Still, based on this value, both GPUs appear to be quite reasonable options, with a higher model ranking above NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 (at least in price), and a smaller model falling in the price range of NVIDIA’s. RTX 3070 Ti. In fact, the latest leaks suggest that Intel’s graphics will work similarly to their NVIDIA counterparts.

On the other hand, the nature of the contest provides for some intellectual challenges that will last until 11:59 pm on January 31, 2022, after which all the prizes will be distributed. Since the two main prizes literally dictate that the winners will be able to take the graphics «before they are even available« the end of the contest is likely to coincide with its launch date, thus marking the month of February as the key date.

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