Intel mistakenly reveals the performance of an as-yet-unknown Arc GPU

Intel has just presented on video Intel Arc Control, its future software that will manage its Intel Arc graphics card. Problem, some Internet users have been able to discover the performance of an Arc GPU which has not yet been revealed by the brand.

Credits: Intel

As you may know, AMD and Nvidia will soon no longer be alone in vying for supremacy in the graphics card market. Indeed, Intel announced in August 2021 its upcoming arrival in the GPU sector with the Intel Arc range. The ambitions of the manufacturer are displayed: to compete with the Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon by offering graphics cards capable in particular of supporting Ray Tracing.

This March 30, 2022, Intel has launched a first line of Intel ARC Archemist 3, 5 and 7 graphics chips, dedicated exclusively to laptops. However, only the Intel Arc 3 are available at the moment. Indeed, it will be necessary to wait until the summer of 2022 to find PCs equipped with Intel Arc 5 and 7.

Regarding the cards dedicated to desktop PCs, Intel recently announced their release postponement to the 3rd quarter of 2022. We suspect that the current shortage of computer chips, the problems on the production sites and the rebound of the Covid-19 epidemic 19 in some regions, notably in China, have pushed the company to do so.

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Intel mistakenly reveals the performance of an unknown ARC GPU

In parallel with the launch of the Intel ARC Archemist, the blue team also lifted the veil on Intel ARC Controlthe software that will allow players to configure their ARC graphics card, like what already offers AMD with the AMD Radeon suite and Nvidia with the GeForce Experience.

Only, the most vigilant spectators made an interesting discovery. Within seconds, Intel mistakenly unveiled the performance of an ARC GPU still unknown to the battalion. We see in particular that with a utilization rate of 99.46%, the GPU displays a frequency of 2250 MHz, all for a TDP of 172 W and a chip temperature of 80° C. As for the VRAM clock, it runs at a frequency of 1093 MHz. As you can see in the screenshot, some data remains unknown, however, and we will have to wait before knowing more about this new ARC GPU.

intel arc gpu unknown
Credits: Intel

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